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  1. Hi Coulomb, Ok, I managed this morning during cold and cloudy weather at 9:00 to take the measurements. Again the PV volts on the slave (problematic one) was 92.4v and on the Master 91.8v . I checked again a few minutes later and still no connection with the panels and the PV volts still close with the PV volts on the master (slave: 87.2, master: 88.4V). Then an hour later the slave was now connected and PV volts 54..9 and master =54.8v . (with sun on the panels) Another 30 mins later slave =88v, master= 88.1v (cloudy and cold) 10mins later. slave=53.7, master=55.2 From this I gathered that it is not the panels. Can it be the old firmware (52.30) ?
  2. A bit sarcastic your answer, as if I don't know. Was it necessary to be sarcastic?
  3. Wow! thanks. But as you said it's difficult to smell anything in that amount of data. I actually hoped that some members might have had some interaction with them in the near past who can give me some feedback.
  4. I never new that one can download something. I must have posted more than 15 posts already - what can I download? Please tell, I'm really exited now Lol!
  5. If my 2 existing Pylontech Li-ion batteries reached a 1000 cycles each, can I add another 2 new ones? What happens to the new ones, will they automatically be incorporated in this 1000 cycles-old battery family and each be declared as having 1000 cycles each by the older two? (basically like with lead acid deep cycle batteries) Or will they keep their younger cycle-life independently from the older two and thus have a longer life - so that they, in turn can be married to 2 new ones later when the older 2 reached the end of their cycle-life? What is the best practise, when to ad more Li-ion batteries?
  6. They have very good prices, example Pylontech US3000c for R 15100.00, no tax and free delivery to me in Kleinmond, Western cape. This is a bit unbelievable.
  7. I left this morning early and only came back this afternoon. Will check tomorrow morning. I think I did check it before and it was the same, but I'll make sure tomorrow morning.
  8. I run 2 older Axperts (5Kva 4Kw) in parallel on 2 Pylontechs US 3000 batteries with 12 PV panels managed and monitored via a Raspberry Pi with VNC viewer and ICC controller program. That was until May this year when one Axpert suddenly stopped connecting to the panels and zero charging. I carried on with one inverter and also stopped using the Raspberry. On return and installation of the repaired inverter I had the Raspberry updated and fitted with SMH, the new monitor and management software developed by Centurion Solar as a replacement for the previous ICC software. The look and feel of SMH was a bit different but the simplicity in the design with bright colours made it easier to understand the display. The added features like an advanced scheduler combined with the SOC charger management system and the fact that one can manage up to 9 inverters differently makes it a very versatile solar management hub. There are many nice and helpful features that can give you a complete view on the status of your solar system and one of the most exciting features is that you can incorporate your home automation ideas into the system. Then lastly you don’t need VNC anymore, Centorion Solar has developed the ability to access SMH directly via the internet. Apple Mac users who felt a bit left out in the Solar world of things can now move forward, The guys at Centurion Solar has developed an SMH app just for us, so that you can acces it from your Taskbar. And also on your iPhone or Android, SMH is now available directly via the Internet. Just create your own shortcut for it. Johan spend after hours on the Internet to get the app going on the most current MacBook update Big Sur to make the app working from my taskbar. Thanks Centurion Solar the experience with SMH and your support (even after hours) must be mentioned here on Powerforum. Ns: I forgot to mention, go to centurion solar.co.za and check the videos under Support to see what the SMH management software can do.
  9. Thanks Coulomb, Yes PV is permanently connected, except when I switch it off with the breaker. But what is strange is that it switches on later in the morning and then charge like the other inverter (master) without problems. What I gathered from this behavior is that the charge controller is working and that all cables are connected. I took 2 pics again - and now it showed the firmware on it. See below.
  10. I noticed last night that the SCC's firmware on the repaired inverter is 00.00 (see image below) while the other one is 1.24. I suppose that this can be the cause why this inverter sometimes connect to the pannels and sometimes not? i'm planning to update both inverters to 73.00e as you suggested. Will this also fixed the SCC firmware? Or is there additional firmware for the SCC? Another question: I understand that it is kind of dangerous to update. According to my supplier if something went wrong it can brick the inverter permanently, is that so serious? Thanks Cassie
  11. I need some help with SMH settings for Axpert inverters. In the 2nd image below: I selected Solar first as the charger priority but just below that it's asking for "Output Mode" I have no idea what this should be. Then all inverters must connect to PV as PV OK? What does this mean? Back to charge voltage? Is this "...voltage pointing back to utility source..." (parameter 12 in the Axpert installation manual). Back to discharge voltage? Is this "...voltage point back to battery mode..." (parameter 13 in the Axpert installation manual). Output voltage ? Options are 220, 230 and 240 volts. I don't see anything in the Axpert manual where the Output voltage is to be selected. In the 1st image: (sorry I had it the other way around but when I submitted the images were swoped) What is "Battery inefficiency (%)" is this a setting that will effect the inverters batteries in any way?
  12. Thanks Coulomb, Another mystery happened this afternoon. I checked if the firmware was the same as the technician said. I found it to be the same and I waited for the display to switch back and viola the panel icon appears and after a view seconds the battery showed as well. It showed that it is charging although the charging led stayed on continueosly (not flickering). I left it on and after about an hour al 6 leds were on both Pylontechs were on (as it was before I switched the inverter on) but the their voltages dropped from 53V to 49.1V on the Axpert, so it appears if the floating charge is not functioning. I suppose I will only be able to be sure of that when I got my Raspberry Pi back which is to be updated as well. To see if the panels are supplying current I wil tomorrow change 1 to SOL and see if I do get AC power from the inverter.
  13. Coulomb, I noticed this is for a PC, is there perhaps a iOS (Apple Mac) version for the installation software?
  14. Thanks Coulomb, I noticed on the sticker it shows: Max Solar Voltage (SOC): 145VDC. But in the manual I see the PV Array MPPT Voltage Range is 60~115Vdc. I wired my panels 2 strings of 3 x 30Vmp in series per Inverter (as in the diagram below) giving me 90Vmp per string and well inside the parameters of 60~115Vdc. After they replaced the motherboard (and when it showed no PV input after receiving it back) I checked the DC volts on the inverters and it was 88V on the broken Slave and 90V on the Master (also within the range). I never thought it will go up as high as 131.7DCV. This measurement was actually on the coldest part of our winter, with snow on the mountains. But I suppose it will not damage the inverters as the Max Solar Voltage (SOC) is 145VDC; am I correct in assuming this?
  15. Thanks Coulomb, but on the sticker it shows: Max Solar Voltage (SOC): 145VDC (I included the stickers in my previous post). The Master runs smoothly on little more or little less same voltage also on 6 panels since installation in the beginning of 2020. I will first upgrade this dysfunctional, unsupportive and unwilling piece of ... technology to 73.00e . I suppose the update and instructions are on Powerforum somewhere. Thanks again Coulomb.
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