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  1. vulgrim


    It is for 3.2 volt , 100 AH lithium cells. 16 will be put in series.
  2. vulgrim


    Hi where can i get a decent BMS?
  3. Hi do anybody know this charge controller. It is rated at 150volt ,60 Amp. I can buy this for R4300 secondhand.
  4. Yes my batteries are being picked up correctly on my Venus GX. The master is the bottom battery.
  5. I am in Mountain View and it is about 5 years old i am not completely sure.
  6. Two 3.5 kw lithium Pylontech batteries.I still want to add 2 more.
  7. I have been using solar for about 6 years. Started with 1 Axpert 5 kw inverter and 8 BenQ 330 w panels. My Axpert got a surge and i replaced it with 2 Mecer 5 kw inverters and added 14 CNBN 330 w panels. But i could not use my BenQ panels. So i got rid of my 2 Mecer inverters and brought 3 Victron Multi 3000/48 inverters in parrellel . Running 15 CNBN on a 250/100 charge controller and my 8 BenQ on a 150/60 charge controller. I did the complete install my self.
  8. Upgraded my charge controller with a Smart solar 250/100 charge controller. Want to sell my old one, not using it any more. Selling for r6000.
  9. Good morning guys .Can anyone please supply me with the Grid Code Password for South Africa.
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