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  1. We currently have a snmp card in our 10KW infini inverter, thinking of switching it out with wifi card, mainly because the logging capability is useless in snmp card. Its logs are good for the current month only, all previous months get corrupted for some reason. What are the downsides of wifi card? Does it accurately keep log for each month?
  2. Update: It stopped happening a couple of days ago, so I guess it had something to do with grid power and nothing to do with our wiring/inverter.
  3. I'm dealing with the issue above, earlier the inverter would behave normally after 9pm, however, today its even beeping at midnight. Spoke with my installer and he said to switch Power setting from VDE0126 to VDE4105 and that the later version is more suited for our(Pakistan) grid. Something to do with voltage and frequency range. Does anyone know of the actual voltage/hz numbers for 0126 and 4105?
  4. A bit off topic but logs in my inverter are stuck on 2018, there are no new events being reported in the logs, and when I try to delete the existing logs, it shows message "Operation Failure". How do I delete old logs and ensure new events are logged correctly?
  5. i've been watching reading on snmp web page, all the readings look normal (as I'm watching) when the inverter starts beeping, even grid is available. Typically, when it disconnects because of grid frequency/voltage it shows warning codes 1-4. With no obvious disruption in grid, its weird to see this error, unless, for some reason grid disconnects for a fraction of a second and inverter is picking it up and going into Anti-Islanding mode.
  6. Did you figure out the issue? My inverter has started doing the same, everyday from 5pm to 9pm
  7. Its still happening, everyday, starts around 5pm and happens till around 8pm. We're not running any new appliance etc, so definitely nothing inside the house causing it. Any guess as to what's causing this?
  8. Just did some measurements: L-N (Switch On): 240v L-N (Switch Off): 3v N-G: 1.3v L-N reading is same as what the inverter is reporting, surprised by the other two readings though.
  9. From past couple of days, our Infini Plus 10KW inverter has been occasionally disconnecting from the grid and showing "07 - Island Detect" message. Interestingly, this happens only in the evening - around 5pm - 9pm, couple days it happened 8-10 times during the evening. Today it happened only twice. Is this a possible inverter issue or utility side? One thing I've noticed is that sometimes our ceiling LED lights have a dim glow at night (this has been happening for over a year now) but its completely random E.g. there will be days of no dim glow and then a week or two of dim glowing ligh
  10. What do you mean? why does the MPPT connected to geyser dies after 3 years?
  11. Oh wow. I guess thats why the installer switched away from voltronics. In my area, mostly voltronics are sold/used so there are quite a few third-party repair centers as well. I'll call someone tomorrow and get their take on common issues with voltronics and repair cost. I did see GoodWe hybrid inverters being sold locally, however, don't see any mention of it on GoodWe's website, I guess they discontinued it. That would have been a good option. Cool. How many & what sized PV arrays are hooked upto it? @ChristoSnake How is data from inverter uploaded to pvoutput?
  12. @Jaco de Jongh Thanks for the thorough reply. Which Inverters do you use now? You think its ok to add 3KW string to 2nd MPPT without having to worry about reducing life?
  13. We have a Infini Plus 10KW installed in our house for 2 years now and its been working fine, apart from really crappy SNMP web card logger. Currently we have 5.12KW string on MPPT1, and I've been thinking about adding another 3KW string on MPPT2 - so been talking with local solar installers. During conversation the topic switched to inverters and he mentioned that they have stopped installing Infinis (voltronic in general) because of number of failures they've been getting. I've seen on this forum and on web/youtube people complaining about blown IGBTs so it seems like a common iss
  14. Old thread but curious if you were able to resolve the issue? are you from Pakistan?
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