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  1. Oh wow. I guess thats why the installer switched away from voltronics. In my area, mostly voltronics are sold/used so there are quite a few third-party repair centers as well. I'll call someone tomorrow and get their take on common issues with voltronics and repair cost. I did see GoodWe hybrid inverters being sold locally, however, don't see any mention of it on GoodWe's website, I guess they discontinued it. That would have been a good option. Cool. How many & what sized PV arrays are hooked upto it? @ChristoSnake How is data from inverter uploaded to pvoutput?
  2. @Jaco de Jongh Thanks for the thorough reply. Which Inverters do you use now? You think its ok to add 3KW string to 2nd MPPT without having to worry about reducing life?
  3. We have a Infini Plus 10KW installed in our house for 2 years now and its been working fine, apart from really crappy SNMP web card logger. Currently we have 5.12KW string on MPPT1, and I've been thinking about adding another 3KW string on MPPT2 - so been talking with local solar installers. During conversation the topic switched to inverters and he mentioned that they have stopped installing Infinis (voltronic in general) because of number of failures they've been getting. I've seen on this forum and on web/youtube people complaining about blown IGBTs so it seems like a common issue with Infini. Is this common failure point with other inverters as well? When the inverter fails, does it affect connected load i.e. damage from surge output etc? Is the failure catastrophic i.e. loud bang and smoke? Also wondering whether its a good idea to add 3KW string, would it overwork the inverter and cause earlier failure?
  4. Old thread but curious if you were able to resolve the issue? are you from Pakistan?
  5. https://www.sealedperformance.com.au/faq/what-is-the-difference-between-cycle-use-and-standby-use/ I think cyclic is the appropriate one for Solar usage. The only thing I'm contemplating at this point is whether to disconnect float voltage after say 24, 48 hours? Because at current rate 54V x 2.8A, I'm using up over 100KWH monthly in maintaining float charge.
  6. I went with 1.81V cut-off instead to avoid getting close to damaging end-voltage, so 43.4. Also, left Floating voltage at 54 and changed CV from 56 -> 57.2
  7. Trying to figure out Cutoff discharge voltage but confused by this table. What does the first table really mean? In the manual it says 10hr End-Voltage is 1.80V/cell and that the battery is not able to discharge more capacity even if end voltage is lower and that doing so will damage the battery. However, in the tables it shows end voltage as low as 1.30. Should i set the cut-off voltage to 1.80V/cell - to be on safe side? Since we are almost always < 0.2C (Amps) and I don't ever see us going over 0.5C discharge current. Regarding Charging. The datasheet has following table: I think the figures above are Charging voltages and in manual under "Temperature and Floating Voltages" I found following info: I'm using Infini in Grid-Tie with Backup mode and with frequent outages - about 4 times a week, I'm guessing my "application" is Cyclic usage? so I should go with 2.35 Vpc (Charging Current) I get 56.4 charging voltage and 30C ambient temp the floating voltage should be 2.24 Vpc, so 53.76 floating voltage. Current inverter charger settings seem correct then? What are cut-off discharging and re-discharging voltages?
  8. I have 4X Narada MPG (AGM) 12V 200AH batteries wired up to Infini 10KW for a year now. In my setup, the battery bank reaches 99% capacity (as per inverter display) and stays there, while being continously charged at 2.1A. I thought that was the needed float charge, however, I came across a setting in inverter which allows me to stop the charger if Amps are below certain value for X amount of time. Now I'm confused whether the 2.1A flow charge is needed or not? am I damaging batteries in the long run with continous 2.1A charge? Does anyone know how to do Equalization charge using infini? My current settings:
  9. Thanks @Youda Actually, if you look at the pdf link I shared in my first post, the inrush current (> 3000W) lasts for a few milliseconds. I don't think the chart above will show that correctly, since its just showing rms value over a 1000 milliseconds? Also, you have 10KW capacity on the phase, in my case its only 3.3KW - so not sure if its ok for my inverter. We did get the printer though but found an outlet that's Not powered by the inverter and been using that. If anyone else has a 3KW or 10KW Infini, please let us know if a typical home-use laser printer works fine on it.
  10. Planning on getting an HP Laser Printer for our home. Datasheet: http://h20195.www2.hp.com/v2/GetDocument.aspx?docname=4AA6-6825EEE&doctype=data sheet&doclang=EN_GB&searchquery=&cc=uk&lc=en Although, it uses 255W while printing, all laser printers have high inrush current at startup (> 3000W). Analysis here; https://www.donrowe.com/v/vspfiles/assets/images/laser_printer_startup_surge.pdf Since most of our home outlets are wired with the Inverter output, I'm hesitant to buy a laser printer - especially since Voltronic doesn't have any Surge Power rating for this Inverter on their website. Anyone running (or tried) a Laser Printer off of Voltronic Infini Plus?
  11. I just spoke with my installer and he's saying that he has VM installed in his own home and it definitely gets excess energy from Grid, instead of switching completely to Grid - when PV array can't provide enough power for the current load. I assume you're refering to Rated power of the inverter, instead of PV array not making enough to run the current load?
  12. Yea, that's what I recall from my last year's research that it was Infini Super and I think also V models that had component/board issues. Don't recall any issues with Infini PLUS. Coming back to the original question, I looked at Voltronic's website but don't see anything specific about Grid-tie support in Axpert King manual. Looks like Hybrid inverters basically do what I'm looking for and that's the Infini line. Whats the difference between regular Infini and Infini V?
  13. You mean Axpert is lower quality than Infini or Infini is lower quality? Actually, I'm in Pakistan and I got mine from the Installer - who got it from a reseller Omega Power Usa (www.omegapowerusa.com) and the website doesn't work. Hoping I don't run into any warranty issues.
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