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  1. Hi David, Inverter linked to WiFi and on the SEMS portal as well as PV Master, but I have no clue what to look for and how to interpret some of the info. Could you give me some guidelines what and where to look for what and use the information?
  2. Thank you, Only trip if Escom/grid side is off. Supplementary power from grid side does come through when needed. Apologies if I do not explain/express myself correctly, new to this with all the terminology and items.
  3. Again, new to it all. Where on the app will i find the information?
  4. Thank you for your reply, In all fairness to the installer, who has been very helpful and has taken his yearly holiday break, put the system in/on backup mode leaving the battery charged at 100% by Escom. When following your recommendation regarding batteryview, which mode should I change it to? Geysers and oven was left on Escom grid, no kettle, gas hob and like you say "Background Noise" adds up, but, we try not to overload/ exceed items being used as inexperienced solar newbies. We do try to use the washing machine, dishwasher and other high draw household items during periods of high
  5. With my inexperience I do not know if it is the inverter tripping or the battery tripping/shutting down.
  6. Thank you for the feedback. 1. Richard, the Inverter is a Goodwe 5048D-ES 2. Buyeye, all else are the plugs and lights. (the house fridge, mini bar fridge and upright freezer, HiFi, TV, WiFi and computer.) Regarding the stove we have a gas hob and electric oven. 3. Achmat, thank you for the info regarding batteries. Do you reckon that it is the Inverter tripping?
  7. Our System: Goodwe 5048D-ES 10 x 435 watt Canadian Solar panels (CS3W-435MS) 1 x Pylontech Lithium US3000 Oven and 2 geysers operating from the grid, all else on the Solar system My question: The system, taken into use on Friday afternoon (11/12), tripped in the early hours of Sunday morning, about 03h00 (13/12) when we had a power failure due to cable theft (Alberton area). The installer came out and the system was reset, but, due to us not having "Solar Experience", we tripped the system later on, by using to many appliances and not knowing how to reset the syst
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