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  1. I suggest leaving the settings on General, as without any Eskom, the inverter should be able to pull full PV from the panels. Is it not allowing you to select General?
  2. Did you use the Goodwe PV Master phone application to set your inverter to the "General" charge option, under the Basic Settings?
  3. Very good feedback from ThatGuy, but also let me add one extra point Your planned system is not static and both your requirements and the possible solution to those requirements will change. I started out last year March with my main system, consisting of a Goodwe 4.6 with four 2.4 Pylontechs. Few months later I moved both geysers over to evacuated tubes, to remove them off Eskom or my batteries at night. Few months later I also changed the hob to gas and added two more 3.6 Pylons, to take me completely off Eskom at night, which was not part of the original plan. My usage stats below. The May 2020 usage was a mess, as I was getting used to the system and switched back to Eskom on geyser usage and had much higher loads. Then, my current usage, with better planning, more family education and changed usage patterns. Very little Eskom usage, mainly to sync the inverter.
  4. Hi Roelf, Any pics, and where are you situated?
  5. I had the same issue initially on my Goodwe. Spoke to Blake @ Solar-Shop where I bought mine from and he helped me, by advising me to go into the PV Master app, select the inverter, go into Basic Settings and change the country selection over to "50Hz Grid Default", instead of selecting "South Africa". Reason these DC Injection High message pops up is because the Eskom frequency is unstable, and the 50Hz setting has a greater tolerance for out of bounds frequencies.
  6. Very interesting topic which I will follow closely, as I also have the Goodwe 5048ES inverter.
  7. Definitely contact Jaco, for recommendations/help. He installed my Goodwe system, as well as two solar geysers. Extremely happy with the service and pricing.
  8. Hi DaleW, The PV Master application will try and auto-update itself every time you start it and I see my version is currently on V4.2.3. Have you tried installing the application on a different phone/tablet, to see if it is a device error perhaps? Also, are you connecting directly to the Goodwe inverter Wi-Fi, or trying to connect through your home Wi-Fi?
  9. My pleasure. I also found that once you select the mode you need, you can simply return to the main screen without restarting and the app will still apply the requested changes.
  10. Hi Beylie, Yes, using PV Master application, go into the Basic Settings, then once on the "Work Modes" screen, select "Back up mode". This in effect makes your system act like an UPS. If Eskom is available, the inverter will direct a portion of the grid power to charge up your batteries. If I set mine up during the evening, then roughly only 400W gets diverted to the batteries, but during the day, depending on PV inputs, this could be quite higher. Not at home currently, so cannot check how I set up my times. You could also download the V Master manual, using the link below. https://portal.segensolar.co.za/reseller/docs/PV Master OPERATION INSTRUCTIONS.pdf
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