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  1. 9 x 144 Ah/7372.8Wh slightly use batteries for sale with cabinets. Manufactured by Solar MD Make me an offer Could email to [email protected]
  2. Is it possible to draw a diagram how I should connect the 9 batteries , 9 inverters and 5 charge controllers, 108 panels for inverters and 60 panels for charge controllers.
  3. Yes, inverters 2S6P (total 12 panels) and 60 panels for MPPTs 3S4P total of 5 MPPTs only for charging the batteries. The total watt for 12 panels is 4000 Watt and that will be fine. (6 x 325 plus 6 x 340) On the batteries you are correct. I did use our local solar installer, for the first setup, but was not satisfy and decided to figure it out myself to do it correct and use expert advise to guide me.
  4. Each cabinet of 3 batteries in parallel for each row inverters, it is single phase inverters 3 rows of 3 in parallel. Each row supply power for 1 phase and the the main supply are balance that each phase use more or less the same power. For each set of 3 batteries additional mppt charger with 12 panels 3S4P for additional charging during the day. That is my planning but could change according to expert advice. My concern is , could one inverter handle 6S2P according to the specs. I could use less panels with inverters.
  5. Just to confirm, I connect 6 strings of 2 panels to each combiner box and total of 12 panels for each inverter.
  6. On the label at the back of panel.
  7. I received my second batch panels today but the specs differ a little bit, pmax 340W, vmp 39.09V , lmp 8.70V, Voc 46.94V , mx system voltage dc 1000 VDC and maximum series fuse rating 15A, could I still use them 3 x 4 strings for the inverters. First batch 325 Watt and connect them 2 strings of 3 (54 panels) 6 per inverter and want to add new panels 2 x 3 strings for each inverter.
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I have 60 x 340 watt panels spare, could I use it only for charging the batteries during the day. 3 x 4 strings with MPPT 80 Amp charge controller from JSM power. Use 75 % of my power from 9 till 6 in the afternoon. What should I do if I do not want to use combiner boxes between panels and inverters. Could I use dc breakers in normal db and then to the inverters.
  9. I bought 9 Axpert MKS 5kva 48 volt inverters with following detail Inverter mode related power 500v/a/5000, DC input 48 vdc 117 A, Ac output 230 vac 50hz 22 A Ac charger mode: Ac input 230Vac 50hz 35 A, DC output 54 vd, max60A default 30 A, Ac output 230ac 50hz 22 Amp Solar charger mode:rated current 80Amp, system voltage 48 vdc, min solar voltage 40vdc, maxsolar voltage (voc) 145 Vdc Panels: 325 W, Power sorting 0,499w, voltage at pmax 37.4v, current at pmax8,7A, OCV45. 8V, short circuit urgent 9.16Amp BATTERIES: SS202 - 5 LITIUM ION 51.2 V, 144 Ah/7372 wh and max di
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