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  1. +50kwh per day is impressive, and that on 8540kw panels. On my solar calculator for Cape Town you are as close to maximum as can be. I assume your panels tilt and azimuth are near optimum.
  2. I have a Conlog smart meter that will trip if I sent power back (it will kill me to import 100w to prevent this) so for now I have simply switched off the municipal supply until I get a token to allow a little feedback. Makes for a little monitoring on the SOC of the batteries.
  3. Just installed a Sunsynk 8kw inverter DIY and want to share some info. We use about 1000kwh (units) per month in our house so about 33 per day with about half in the day and half after PV hours. This is about average for a family home I recon in SA. Already have 2 Solar geysers, gas plates and all lights LED. I wanted to be independent from the grid as much as possible which weighed heavier than economics although my return is still acceptable and higher after tax than any risk free investment. The whole house runs through the inverter including oven, the solar geyser AC element
  4. Found the solution, had to log in and out of Solarman app.
  5. Just installed a 8kw Sunsynk (brilliant inverter) and set the correct time on the display but if "Sync time" is checked it keeps on changing the time to UCT+3:00. On my SolarmanPro app (plant info plant profile edit) the time zone of inverter is set to UCT+2:00 but on the lower corner (on PC) the time is still shown as UCT+3:00. See pics attached. Can someone tell me where to change the time zone pls? Don't know if it is a Sunsynk or Solarman issue.
  6. Ooh so 18A PER mppt,didnt know that thanx.
  7. I thought so to but see image below where the total Pv amps is 22.2a
  8. I have a 8kw Sunsynk and has not experienced clipping yet, I have seen readings as high as 11.5A on single mppt. I have 18 * 400w mono Jinko Cheetahs panels, split 9 on each mppt which in theory should only produce 7200w in total but have attained 7600w max so far.
  9. Ok I am going to say it, this is VERY impressive. Hat off to your technical abilities Boubul. Now if one of you can package this in a consumer friendly way which us non-geeks can understand and use it will be great. Willing to compensate.
  10. If someone is still looking for a place to make up battery cables after many calls I found Sinetech in Jhb (could not find anybody in Pta) charge just over R100 /m for 50mm battery cable and R16 a lug, crimp while you wait. https://sinetechstore.co.za/product-category/accessories/solar-cable/
  11. The Schneider Inverter has a Control Panel which shows total load and power imported or exported to the Grid. Attached also a graph of elec usage of Yesterday from the Tshwane Prepaid Smart meter.My monthly usage is still about 270 units which is about 50% of my total usage.
  12. My inverter is still using some power from the grid even when the batteries are fully charged. It's a 7kw inverter and my usage will be 3kw then it will draw 800w from the grid. I have set Load Shaving On at 0A and Sell to grid on at 0A etc etc on the Schneider but still.
  13. Photo was taken at about 8 am so shade never covers panels during day, even in winter, I made sure of that. 4 strings, 3 in series. Did the installation myself.
  14. I have the following system installed: Schneider XW+7048 Inverter Charge Controller MPPT 60 150 12 * 310w Renesola Solar panels 24 * Willard RT17 560ah flooded 2V batteries SCP I require anyone with Schneider expertise that can check my installation, I want to make sure everything is done correctly. (Off course I will pay) Pretoria East area
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