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  1. @HalcyonDo you perhaps have the product code for that relay? Voltex this side is useless and would like to order a couple to use with my future installations.
  2. Yes, no more restarting issues. Everything is running smoothly.
  3. @VassenHi, yes Aux restart no longer an issue after latest firmware mod.
  4. @HalcyonOk, no worries. Let me know if you need any help.
  5. I asked nicely The web portal is unfinished, so there's no way of uploading the firmware to it to push to the inverter. If you want the new firmware installed I can request it directly to the team. Your SN is displayed in the pic. So let me know.
  6. Yeah, I have tried the website way but there is no way of selecting the firmware. The whole interface is incomplete. They are busy working on a realtime monitoring platform and local connection, so that should also be deployed shortly.
  7. @AchmatJust inbox me with your logger SN then I'll forward it to the team for upgrade.
  8. Can you connect your phone directly to the GPRS logger? Like when you set it up the first time? From there you should be able to get an ip address that you can connect to. I'm not sure if the GPRS logger has wifi also.
  9. The inverter has 3 different controls. Communication CPU, Protocol Version and Control Software Version. Log into it from your pc by typing the local ip address in your browser.
  10. latest for 5.5kW is 2137 and 8.8kW is 3870 MCU2_V3870EU_NCAP_NR_8K59V.bin SG_5K_MCU2_V2137-NR.bin
  11. Ok, so latest firmware that includes the fixes are V3.8.7.0 for the 8.8kW Sunsynk and V2.1.3.7 for the 5.5kW Sunsynk. So far 26hours without problems. All fixed up and sorted.
  12. No, all looks the same.
  13. They don't automatically push updates, you have to request an update.
  14. @AchmatI was on V3.8.7.0 and the guy called David modified version and downgraded my inverter to V3.8.6.9 and all is good now. So far no reboots.
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