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  1. I watched the P-Grid and at no time did it approach the MAX The temperature stayed low (compared to the normal hot day where they an go to over 80) You taking about 3 X 405w - connect them and watch the data, going into winter you not going to have a problem, but please do contact technical support to share your concerns / get their suggestions. I have found a dramatic reduction in power generated over the last few weeks as the sun weakens. Please let me know what you find?
  2. Hi Charl While waiting for my new inverter and 12 panels to be installed I connected a 425W panel to a single Hoymiles 1200 input and it worked well. I had a 4 way combiner unit so connected 4 x 425W panels to a single input Hoymiles 1200 - also worked well. So then I went big and attached 2 panels per DC input for 3 inputs and 4 panels on a single input. It continued to generate power and worked well. No problems. The comment from Hoymiles support was it is a waste of power but nice to know IF I had extra panels to use? The Hoymiles 1200 appears very well built!
  3. Hi Stef Under settings - it says phase 1 - Zero export BUT under VIEW Sub tab Zero export it says MI state OFF for 1 inverter and ON for the other inverter I have attached the 2 screen shots So Does that mean i have 1 inverter with Zero export ON and 1 with Zero Export OFF? Is it a global setting on the DTU or is it set per inverter? Where do I change it please? Thanks Barry
  4. Hi I believe my HOYMILES GRID TIE MICROINVERTER 1200W are shutting down the panels as there is not enough power being used? 2 examples attached Could you very clever people please guide me as to how to adjust my geysers (i have lots) to turn on when there is excess power? I currently have them on timers, so you can see the dramatic swings in the power production. If i am unable to heat the water to use the excess power, i assume the next best is to buy a battery? Comments and advice on either please? Thank you Barry
  5. Hi I hope you can help, you appear well informed on the Hoymiles devices? I would like to see the amount of power generated VS the amount of power consumed VS the amount of power that comes in from Eskom. As you can see from the website graph attached, I am only seeing 1 value, the power produced. I can see the values of P-Total in the data from the local DTU, but is there a way to see this as a graph? The mobile app shows again the amount of power the panels have generated. BUT what i would love to see, if you could guide me, is the solar VS Eskom example attac
  6. Hi Gerlach thank you or your questions I have HOYMILES GRID TIE MICROINVERTERS the 1 200W type. There 3 different ways I check the data. While on the local network I can access the HOYMILES DTU when away I use the internet to access either via the Hoymiles end user app or I use the world.hoymiles.com web site i have attached a screen shot from each below. Please let me know if you need more info? Looking at the data, looks like i am going to meet to add batteries! Even with just 8 solar panels, I am finding the invert
  7. Morning Zialmen How do you know when the Hoymiles microinverters are throttling production to match consumption? If you look at the images below, there is only 1 time where the Generation DTU level is lower than Consumption P-total? I would like to turn on more geysers and use the power if it is there. So should my consumption exceed / match the generation to prevent the Hoymiles microinverters throttling production? is there any way to see a graph of the P-total VS the consumption? I only have 8 panels, so am a little surprise that generation is exceeding consumption?
  8. morning Stef I have an example of a temperature of 76 degrees (just over 30 degrees in the shade), and it seem to be working fine. We have a few hot days coming up and I will see if i can find something over 80 for you? Barry
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