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  1. Morning all As per title these things are out of stock everywhere. If you know where I can get my hands on this unit: https://www.ellies.co.za/product/microinverter-hoymiles-1200w/ please let me know. (Ellies out of stock) I'd also like to keep my panels the same, 330W Canadian solar. Also cant find that at the moment. Thanks in advance
  2. Good morning everyone I have a Hoymiles grid tie inverter, and wondered if anyone successfully got these to "sync" to a generator or even a modified sine wave UPS. Thanks
  3. I bought them at Ellies in JHB. Just make triple sure you get the right stuff, I went back about 4 times before I had want I needed.
  4. Hi everyone, (this is my first post) I want to install a Hoymiles grid tie micro-inverter setup at home to supplement my usage with solar. I have prepaid electricity with a Landis Gyr meter and i do NOT want to push back any excess into the grid. The information online on the setup required to achieve this is incomplete, scarce and chinglish ect. I need a DTU with Zero export capability (or anti reflux as Hoymiles calls it). Then I need a power meter to measure the load of my house. The current meter is suppose to connect to the DTU via RS485. So I spoke to the ellies c
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