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  1. Thanks for the info, helps a lot
  2. Good morning everyone I have a Hoymiles grid tie inverter, and wondered if anyone successfully got these to "sync" to a generator or even a modified sine wave UPS. Thanks
  3. I bought them at Ellies in JHB. Just make triple sure you get the right stuff, I went back about 4 times before I had want I needed.
  4. Hi everyone, (this is my first post) I want to install a Hoymiles grid tie micro-inverter setup at home to supplement my usage with solar. I have prepaid electricity with a Landis Gyr meter and i do NOT want to push back any excess into the grid. The information online on the setup required to achieve this is incomplete, scarce and chinglish ect. I need a DTU with Zero export capability (or anti reflux as Hoymiles calls it). Then I need a power meter to measure the load of my house. The current meter is suppose to connect to the DTU via RS485. So I spoke to the ellies consultant and I put together my order. I collected it today but things don't match up. Ellies only has 1 type of DTU on their price list and it is specified as a Zero Export GSM DTU. The DTU I received does not have a GSM module (no sim slot) and does not have an RS485 port. It has a RS232 port. The power meter has a RS485 port. These wont talk to each other. The config settings on the DTU does have a check box for "no export", but an input field with an ID. ID for what? the value in there at the moment is a 6 characted hex value, not a single digit ID i would expect from RS485 comms. I suspect the DTU they gave me is a newer version that wirelessly talks to Efergy current sensors. But those have a minimum 6 second polling interval. Surely this is not sufficient to stop exporting to the grid. Worst case scenario you will export max array capacity for 6 seconds. While this is illegal, I also understand that I will be charged by my prepaid meter for this electricity that i pushed back. Any advice from anyone that have installed one of these systems would be greatly appreciated. Francois


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