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  1. Yes, aware of that. I however need 300-500W max so would think a 1-1.5kw turbine would do the job. That's also if their rated correctly. I've seen endless videos about Chinese turbines that's not even delivering 10% of it's rated output. I would like to experiment and build something myself but I just don't have the time at the moment. I had to retrench all my staff through Covid lockdown so I've been running my business completely by myself for almost a year now. Financially I've recovered somehow but with such low overheads and me still being able to manage the workload by myself I might be going on like this for a while so time for projects is a big NO NO...
  2. That's what I'm thinking as well. If I would consider a wind turbine I would like to have it linked to the rest of my Victron system and after doing some homework most advice is against using a victron MPPT for wind for obvious reasons (not designed for it, no storm brake, etc) but I guess with some fiddling one could make a wind turbine, generating 3ph AC 60-130v work through a Bridge rectifier and the put the DC into a 150/35 Smartsolar mppt? I like to experiment but this is going to be an expensive experiment. Maybe I should mount a 110V generator to a treadmill and let the family charge my batteries every night before going to sleep? Back to curiosity. What would a turbine cost that would have a 110v AC output? say around 600-1000W?
  3. Thanks Jason, I'm between wind turbine and vertical E-W PV at the moment. I'm currently using a 150/70 Smartsolar MPPT with only 1980W PV connected, all facing North. I've got A LOT of roof space in N, E & W directions. Even still, every time the wind picks up (mostly at night) I'm dreaming of harnessing it for some additional charging. I need only about 400W to cover my base usage....
  4. Jeez I'm so glad I read this. I was basically with my finger on the "order" button from Tesup. That's why I love this forum so much!! So if not Tesup, which wind turbine can you guys advise to use with a 48V Victron system with PV? I only 400-600W extra for times when PV is not sufficient. I live in the Karoo and lately we've been experiencing a lot of wind. I have a T105-RE 48V battery bank (225Ah) which I only cycle to 80% SOC. I do have the luxury of grid power as backup and also a 5Kw Silent diesel generator (for those unexpected grid failures). Grid-tied is not an option seeing that we've got one the most corrupt municipalities (and soon one of the most indebted) in the country, which refuse to reimburse electricity fed into the grid by any means. I just need some way of generating a little extra power during overcast day and nighttime to make up for my relatively small battery bank. I know getting a proper battery bank and extra PV is more ideal but I am not at any stage to spend major $$ on current battery technology. I'm sure energy storage technology will rapidly change in the next 2 - 5 years so I need to get as far as possible with my current Trojans.......
  5. Morning guys, Anyone with Trojan T105-RE's that's planning to upgrade to Lithium soon? I'm looking for 8 T105-RE's to add to my system. Money is tight so no Lithium for me soon so I'm looking for another 2nd hand bank that's still got some life left..... Thanks in advance
  6. When trying to update, my Smartsolar says "Your product is already running the latest firmware version" which it v1.54. It seems to be happening more frequently...
  7. All Hardware has got the latest available firmware installed but this is the first video with a similar incident. It's doing exactly the same as mine...
  8. I've checked the PV voltage. The voltage increases as soon as the amperage decreases, which I guess is normal. Once again, I do not have this problem when ESS is set to "keep batteries charged" making me think that it's not voltage/current/temp/hardware issues but a setting issue
  9. I did connect but did not change any settings. MPPT settings is supposed to be defaulted to the ESS setting, controlled by the VenusGX. Have not fiddled with settings on the Smartsolar itself yet.
  10. Morning guys. I installed 6 x 330W solar panels in 2 strings of 3 about 2 weeks ago with a 150/35 Smartsolar MPPT. I set up ESS and everything is working great except for one thing that is bothering me and I would like to know if any of you have experienced something similar in the past. At sunrise the MPPT will start to charge the batteries and when PV is enough it will start taking over the loads, like it should but.......Every now and then the MPPT drops out completely to 0w-5w's for anything between 10-30 minutes. I tried checking data downloads via spreadsheet but just cannot find a pattern, fault code or anything to explain why it's dropping out. If i remove the VE-direct cable it seems to be charging full on untill the batteries are full. Also when I set ESS to "keep batteries charged" it shows no drop outs. This only happens in "optimized(with batterylife)" and "optimized(without battery life)" modes. I've suspected that maybe the mppt overheats or something but cannot say that it's very hot when the fault occurs. There's obvious heat in the unit but I would say about 35-40deg, which I would say is normal. This happens randomly, not a specific time of day, not at a specific PV voltage, no pattern I can find so far, it just drops out (mostly for close to 10 min but longest was about 10min) and restarts itself. If I manage to see when it drops out, I can disable the MPPT charger via bluetooth and immediately enable again and it will charge as if nothing ever happens. I've checked and rechecked all connections, breakers, fuses, etc but think this might be a setting issue. I just have no idea where so continue looking. Also when it drops out all the current draw comes from the batteries, like it's set up. No cloud cover, we live in the Karoo..... I really hope someone can shed some light on this seeing that it's tickling my panties. Help please?!?
  11. Hi guys, Everything solved. I contacted victron's sales manager (if i'm correct), Gerrit Tromp, and he sorted everything out in a matter of days. I sent the Multiplus back to my supplier and no more than a week later it was repaired (actually repaired this time), under warranty and is now working perfectly. In the time i was without an inverter and had to use my generator more often i decided to automate it completely. I ordered a Linixe generator controll module from Aliexpress and less than 14 days later, at a total cost of R927, it was delivered to my door. I also acquired a proper 63A automatic transfer switch and installed everything when the Multiplus came back last week. Now, when grid power fails, the Multiplus takes over the loads (system is used as UPS with no solar and small 200Ah battery bank). What's lekker now, without any user intervention, the Multiplus starts the generator as soon as one of the conditions are met (battery SOC, AC loads) and the transfer switch switches over to auxilary power (generator in this case) As soon as grid power returns, the transfer switch goes back to normal mode and the Multi stops the generator after the set delay time is met. Setting are different for "silent hours" so if grid supply should fail through the night, the generator will only start if it's really needed. This is a really great function and i wanted to utilize it for a long time. Glad it's done now. Thanks Victron. I now realize again why i've converted to blue, even while you (or rather a supplier) made me red around the cheeks for a while. And like always the forum did what it alway does with members replying almost immediately. Thanks guys. You rock!
  12. Good day guys, long time no see. Since I've "upgraded" my 5Kva Axpert to a 3Kva Victron Multiplus late 2018 I've only been lurking in the dark and watching forum posts from a distance. I have recently run into a problem though. I'm using a Multiplus 48/3000/35-50 with Venus GX. This is connected to 8 105Ah high cycle batteries which is never run down more than 90%SOC because then the load is taken over by a 8Kva Diesel generator. No solar, only used as UPS to power lights and other basic loads. Max power comes to about 1400W. All non essentials like pumps, AC, microwave, etc is connected directly to grid. After a power outage early August I found that the E/L tripped when the grid power returned. AS a test we bypassed the E/L unit and simulated a power outage and again when power was switched on the Multiplus went into overload protection with error#24. If you switch on grid power first and then switch the inverter on, everything works fine as the inverter picks up the loads when grid fails but then trips again when Grid returns. Being down in the Karoo I removed the covers of the Multiplus and checked to see If I can find something that went bang. All I could find was the transfer relay that clearly spewed out some lead so obviously this was the culprit. I phoned the supplier who asked me to courier it to them. So the days went by and after about 2 weeks I phoned to enquire about the repairs. I was promised that this would be covered under the 5 year warranty. Full of excuses my supplier told me that the unit was sent in to another supplier in town, who apparently was a repairing dealer for Victron. Another 2 weeks went by before I phoned again.....no news. 2 days later they phoned me and instructed me to send my courier to collect and that the unit was repaired and tested by both companies. After it arrived I installed it exactly like it was before but didn't test it (it's supposed to be fixed right). 2 days later, power outage. Inverter takes over the loads, no problems. But then after the Grid supply came back....BOOM!! total darkness. Exactly the same problem. I get the sparky again to test whatever I haven't tested and yet again all fingers point to the multiplus. I removed the covers again and there it is. The faulty relay was still there. I know this because I took pictures of it the first time and could use the lead marks (which was still stuck to the plastic of the relay) as reference. I phoned my supplier again the next day and asked what the hell the story was. Apparently now all of a sudden it was tested with no problems and no one bothered to open it and the the internals.... Now all of a sudden the repair will not be covered under warranty and I have to fork out almost R9k for the relay board. I am utterly disgusted with Victron's after sales service (even at supplier level) and no, I'm not naming them on a public forum. My Axpert was sold after more than 2 years of faultless service and I knew that should it break, I'd be better of buying a new one due to no after sales service but damn, after forking out more than R20k for the Rolls Royce of inverters to have the peace of mind of a proper warranty bit me on my arse!! I will be replacing the board, and I will be selling the Multiplus soon and replace it with an Infinisolar for what it's worth. So if anyone knows where I can find a relay board for a Multiplus 48/3000/35-50, please let me know. The picture with the white background was taken before the unit was sent for repairs. the other was taken after the fault resumed after "repairs" was done. Not a happy chappie!!
  13. I've got a 2010 Pajero Sport 3.2Did. I fitted a snorkel mainly for cleaner air intake seeing that we do A LOT of gravel road travelling but also for that once or twice I HAVE to do a water crossing that MIGHT be deeper than the original air intake (that was behind the grill) but I don't go and look for [email protected] If I see it's deeper than my groin and there's a way around, I stay out of it. It's not worth risking any vehicle to try and prove to your tjommies that you bought a submerine. As soon as water enters the cabin you're screwed. Most of the control units are behind panels at about pedal height and electricicicicity and the wet stuff don't go well together as we all should know without to much Klippies and Coke.
  14. Yes! You need a special tool to remove the clutch pulley. Most Modern diesel engines have got them. Fit a solid pulley and the Crankshaft damper pulley WILL fail. Make the crankshaft pulley solid (like any old diesel engines had for years) and you will have endless belt noises and failures. Sometimes it seems technology is only "improved" to improve the turnover of parts suppliers. Have you ever had such [email protected] with an old Toyota 2.4d/2.8d or an Isuzu KB250/KB280? NO! I guess Technology needs to take us somewhere......not always in a positive direction though
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