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  1. So in case anyone was wondering, Jacos quote won with 10 jasolar mono 320w panels, EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 - 230V-MPPT 150/100 With CGX and 10.5 kw pylontech battery set. The installation will be in a cupboard so needed the all in one to fit into the space. Installation will happen next month.
  2. So considering we have gotten this far, now a different question. Anyone heard any negative reviews about metsolar. I have quotes from four different companies in front of me. Metsolar, dorman projects, regenergy and amsolar. Awaiting a quote from Jaco to compare though.
  3. I think the guy was confused, apparently this is only in cape town, Johannesburg we good to go.
  4. So A new development from one quote I received: On a single phase installation I would really not recommend feeding back as there is no benefit for the PV (Solar) size allowed to be installed. On a 60A single phase you are by law only allowed 3.5kW, unless you cut your connection from the grid which means you have no chance of feeding back and you are basically on your own. So basically in my house once I hit 3.5kw of solar panels, its either goodbye city power or don't feed the grid. Suppose when the system is installed then its best to ensure it does not feed back from the start. Just get enough batteries to ensure all of it gets saved.
  5. The guys didn't quote me directly, it was my CFP who got the quote from them as they did his 60kwh 3 victron 24 panel system for him. @Jaco de Jongh I will send you all the info i can and we can chat about your prices.
  6. Normal oven as well, old school defy Gemini thermofan. Probably so old its too afraid to show its watts
  7. I can promise you that was the peak. We turn on the geyser for a hour or so at 5,if the evt system didn't perform that well that day. And then when we done showering, so it's rare that someone is having coffee before they shower, and we run the rest of the appliances while the geyser is off. Pool pump currently runs twice a day 550w motor
  8. And to help with the pricing query, a quote I have says victron multiplus 5kva with gcx with all accessories, that's the exact words. 50000. Alpha ess hybrid and accessories 40000. Different quote from a company on the SunSynk/OHM 8kW Hybrid Inverter 48V Self-Consmption (ESS) 37290 all excluding. Seems this debate between the three leads to, get a victron if you can, compare the other two against each other and decide from there. I am not brand loyal in this regard, just would look at cost vs long term reward, functionality, and ease of use.i am not a electrician, the most I have ever experienced there is changing a plug, and once I touched the connection between my electric fence and my gate, still feel the burn
  9. When we did the analysis the highest peak I reached was 3.6kw I believe, so the 4.6 should do just fine for our needs. I don't have any aircons. The most that could run at the same time is the pool pump washing machine dishwasher and then all the normal stuff eg fridge,freezer, laptop, etc. Must be noted the peak was when I turned on the geyser. I don't mind keeping a watch on the usage and just adapting when needed. I contacted city power and enquired about my meter with this.
  10. My prepaid is a acton installed by city power. @plonksterThe alpha is a goodwe product, which is why only the goodwe inverter works with the alpha batteries outside of the alpha inverter. The only reason I am querying paralleling is incase in the future I have more appliances needing to run at the same time and the 5kw can't handle it. I don't see the need to export at this point if it just avoids issues [email protected] suggests there is a setting to prevent this so should be good on that front. But will discuss with the installer. I use 14kwh a day roughly so don't need a 6kw array at this point, but it's good to know it's covered for that in the future. So the only real issue is to figure out what the best thing to do with the prepaid meter.
  11. So after much debate and conversations with people, my CFP said he did tons of research into his solar system and gave me advise which lead to decision to go for the following: Either the alpha smile 10.1kwh system with its inverter and 3.5kw solar array from JASolar mono panels. Or a goodwe 4.6kw with the same batteries/pylontech batteries measuring the same power storage. My query is the following: The goodwe can't be done in parallel from what I see, so does this mean i need to replicate the system again if I need more in the future? Are there any regulations I need to be aware of when connecting all this to a prepaid meter In joburg?
  12. Morning All So let me set the scenario and we can take it from there. I am using roughly 13,5-14kwh as a maximum on any given day. Got a solar geyser, thinking of a gas backup for that. Max Required instant KW hit 3.8 from when we tested, so a 5 kw inverter should do just fine. From here I determined I need 8-9 330 panels to meet my need, batteries will be lithium, still need to determine exactly what there but think 3.5kw x 2 should do. Please clarify the following: Which inverter brand and model? Which battery brand and model? Which solar panels and model? I had a budget of 75000 in mind, but that was a estimate and if its more expensive I can make a plan. But need real world experience and ideas. Thanks for the help
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