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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason


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  1. Thanks for letting me know Jaco! Cheers, L.
  2. Is the store in business again? (Post lockdown?) I've emailed and called, but no response / reply. Wanted to order 6 of the GCL panels. Have called, and left message, and also emailed, but no response.
  3. I won't say I'm doing exactly this (Revov + 48v Dead Acid), but I like to live dangerously. At least till summer pops its head around. I REALLY need to wire things up correctly one of these days...
  4. I'm finally getting around to installing my LFP's (almost a year late!) Finally got a nice 42u rack, and can move out the dead acid, yay! Onto my question - I need to put some bus bars up for + and - to/from inverter and batteries and put a fuse disconnect in. Any suggestions on what to use for bus bars, and where to buy in/around CPT? For fuse disconnects - I was looking at the KETO's - do I need one or two? eg https://thepowerstore.co.za/products/keto-battery-disconnector-with-160a-fuses Thanks!
  5. I'd like an electric beetle, although it may need a name change in SA. https://insideevs.com/news/369020/vw-retrofits-beetle-ekafer-project/
  6. If he's emigrating, may as well say why bother, emigrate and write it off. Bank isn't going to chase him to the other side of the world.
  7. Oversea's electric's depreciate nicely - you can pick up a secondhand Leaf or i3 for close to 10k USD in the states. We don't necessarily even get the latest cars here - eg the Leaf is 2 generations behind I think?, and they're already highly priced.,
  8. A 200k car is possible, but unlikely. Currently taxes + duties on an electric car make up 60% on top of the sales cost. 25% duty on electric cars (vs 0% on < 1.2L Petrol) 20% ad valorum duty on electric cars (sliding scale up to 20%, but electrics will be the far end of the scale..) 15% VAT = 60% on top. Reasonably, electrics should be taxed like the < 1.2L petrol cars - no duty, and no ad valorum tax. We don't have a local electric industry to protect. The government is basically charging electric vehicles an upfront cost of what they recoup back from petrol /diesel vehicles in taxes. Fair? No. Good for the environment? No.
  9. The vehicle in the photo is a really low end Chinese 3rd tier city job. Lead Acid batteries. Maybe to the shops and back. Its a glorified golf cart. Its not something i would consider, unless I had a golf course or large property wanted to drive around in. Pretty sure its not street legal either.
  10. Still yes. Its a countrywide requirement coming into place - https://www.businessinsider.co.za/nersa-registration-for-off-grid-electricity-systems-via-distributor-rules-for-municipalities-2019-8
  11. I've gotten a lot older since the first photo, and fatter @Bobster Yes, would need a CoC, and as its a off grid setup, also register with CoCT so they can let NERSA know about it.
  12. https://mg.co.za/article/2019-07-05-00-greener-cars-have-truly-electrifying-potential I thought that was a familiar looking car, I have a photo I took of that at Lieberman's late last year - the pottery place is literally across the road from me (albeit down the hill about 100m!)
  13. The boxes arrived Wednesday (I think). Got stored in my garage, will only take a look end of the year when I'm back in Cape Town. They're going to sit for a few months..
  14. I actually googled how to get it working, and it led me to a the google groups list, where others had similar questions - https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/victron-dev-venus/5OYoQpXbLa0 The internet was playing nicely enough for me to access google reliably enough to post (China, bleh, vpn etc), so I wrote up some instructions, took me around an hour of fiddling about to get mine working, as I had no instructions, and was unfamiliar with overlays and config.txt peculiarities. Plenty of *nix experience, and embedded dev, so got there in the end Posted to the wiki, into the victron google group, here, and to Reddit too. Surely thats enough haha?
  15. I wrote-up some instructions for configuring Venus to use the 3.5" SPI touch screen (MPI3501), and put them on the Victron Wiki https://github.com/victronenergy/venus/wiki/pi-Venus-install-Touch-Screen-(MPI3501--ILI9486-320x480-LCD) May be of use to others here! The touchscreens are really cheap too! I only paid 65RMB for mine (R130 ish).


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