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  1. I suppose I should add - I did the panel install a month ago. 24 x 395W JA Solars, in 3 strings of 8.
  2. Thanks. I've already run 4 pairs of 6mm cable to the roof area in prep, (roof finally arrives tomorrow, after 3 months of waiting...) Finances a bit tight to do the panels at the moment, but has to be done, so will make a plan..
  3. @Leshen Wanted to check with you - the panels you have exceed the MPPT 18A limit - does the inverter clip ok? Are these the panels you have? JAM72S09 -390/PR Thinking to do the same - 8 x 3 strings for 24 panels total (on the Sunsynk 8KW)
  4. Suggest speak to Revov directly, and have one of their guys take a look. https://www.revov.co.za / https://revov.co.za/contact-us/ If you are in the Cape - its either Dawie (sales) or Geert (technical). Both of whom are quite responsive. Their contact details are on the revov site.
  5. Datasheet is in the beginning of the thread 2120mm x 1052mm
  6. Looks like the best bang / buck is the 325 @ 1540 at 4.73/KW The 455 are (well, were) tempting, but I'm not space limited. 325 @ 1540. = R4.73/KW 455 @ 2320 = R5.09/KW I'm looking for 9kw odd on the new build so its a case of 30 x 325 = 9750KW at R46200 vs 20 x 455 = 9100KW at R46400 Decisions...
  7. I did get a contact from someone on the forum, and the guy came out to quote. The quote was a little out of my ballpark, so looks like I won't be going that route! I think I'll be diy'ing it. Will update once I have some progress.
  8. I see that the vrm shot above glitched for battery level - i'm definitely seeing the stats though typically I usually keep a window open to http://venus.local on my laptop so I can keep an eye out on values. Now that the system seems to be more stable in terms of generation/discharge, I can be less cautious. In an ideal world, I'd probably double up on storage, and solar generation. For now, I'm happy though.
  9. A shot from this morning at 8:30am or so. You can see that battery logging (the blue line) started from 11am yesterday when I plugged in the new cable, and see the discharge overnight for the battery to get down to about 60% capacity. You can also clearly see that generation is throttled when the battery is full (the orange lines in the graph). While 40% discharge would be worrying on Lead Acid, for Lithium, thats pretty ok. I may add more generation though, as having 20KWhr of battery feels like it would be better in the long run, so I don't need to worry too much about a week or t
  10. I wouldn't necessarily trust the installer to be honest. Get the relevant cables and check settings yourself (or get someone competent to do so) is the longer term answer. Is the system connected to the internet for logging? If so, then we can potentially check remotely. Can you list or take photos of your setup? From what I saw - Multiplus 48v/5k + Smartsolar 150/100 + Revov Batteries. What other equipment is there? Do you have other batteries? We need to check the configuration for the inverter to see what its setup as. Check the voltage settings on the mptt fo
  11. Received my 2nd ve.direct -> usb cable today (thanks Jaco / Glodina for the fast shipping), and can finally have both sets of stats (mppt, battery on ve.direct, and inverter on ve.bus) Now, I finally have logging for production, consumption, and battery. As you can see in the graph, solar production tapers off once battery is full, as the MPPT throttles output to match usage. I don't have a grid connection (we're completely offgrid), so no to/from grid.
  12. I have the same setup, although I have the canbus device for the battery to talk to the inverter also. Its pretty obvious what the issue is - your battery voltage is too low! 50V is really the minimum, yours is saying 46v. You should set cut off at 50v. The batteries should be sitting in the 52-54.5v range. 46v is way out of spec. I'll bet that the mppt isn't setup correctly, and you have been abusing your batteries. Thinking about it, the BMS should actually cut off completely at 49.8v odd, and cut the power. You shouldn't be able to get that low, so something
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