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  1. Sunsynk 8KW updated 25th Oct 2023 MAIN 6024-0717. HMI E435
  2. I have 3 x Victron 24v 3kw multiplus for sale. Was for a 3 phase setup, but I was out of the country for a decade, then eventually moved house which made them redundant (and unused) *Long* out of warranty, but virtually unused, still have boxes. Make offers! -------------- Item: Victron 3kw 24v Multiplus Age: 2014, but need to check. Price: Make offers Payment Method Accepted: EFT or cash on collection. Warranty: None Packaging: Yes Condition: As new Location: Cape Town (Deep South) Reason: Been Sitting in the garage for a few years now Shipping: Too heavy I think Collection: Yes. Link:
  3. Been a while, but I have revisited this, as the current driver that replaced mine didn't actually work on my Revov BMS My updated driver is here - https://github.com/csloz/dbus-serialbattery Will probably be merged back with main at some point, but this will work on the older Tianpower BMS that Revov used. I also fixed a few of the missing bits like temp sensor etc. Works fine on v3 of PI Venus.
  4. Having run my own forums before, it is a tireless thankless task. Get some moderators and hand it over to them also Many hands make light work! Happy holidays to you and family!
  5. Good to see more options in the market. Hopefully the BMS in this is documented, so that I don't need to write my own drivers for it TianPower /Revov looking at you...hahah
  6. Nicely done. I should revisit some of the values on mine, see if i can map more fields to actual values.
  7. Ok, I see that he finally updated the repo with my changes, so its "live" if you pull the current version. Fork and modify from the current repo then.
  8. To be honest my notes in the thread, and the current code should be enough to continue working on things. Fork it, and continue. Unfortunately I just haven't had time to continue, and it works well enough for me for now. Did Louis finally update his repo with my additions? If not, you need to pull the current version from my fork here - Not that complicated You send the device a command over serial, it sends data back, thats basically it, and you parse the reply into something meaningful. Here are 2 commands I know about - command_get_version = b"\x7C\x01\x42\x00\x80\x0D" #Get version number command_get_model = b"\x7C\x01\x33\x00\xFE\x0D" #Get model number I sniffed what I could of the protocol from watching the BMS app itself, and some detective work. Current code - https://github.com/csloz/dbus-serialbattery/blob/revov/etc/dbus-serialbattery/revov.py Now we sort of know the packet format, the code needs to be reorganized, as we can parse the entire thing in one go. I put enough logging into the driver so that its useful. eg
  9. Just be aware that battery voltage will be incorrect if a cell is in error state. I do need to look at the bit values to work out what bits they use for this still, its ok when not in error state. (a data sheet from Tianpower of the packet format would be nice, but no, its reverse engineer, bleh). I've had the current version running on mine for a month and a half, seems reliable, and is a good indicator for me of values. I do need to get the SoC state calc done and added in, as well as the other things i don't know from the data... When I have time haha.
  10. Do read the caveats above i.e. - some values aren't correct. I will get around to sorting that out, but right now busy with work stuff, which takes priority. Feel free to delve in and fix yourself though (especially since I noted the packet format) Send me a push request if you do, so i can merge. Cheers.
  11. Read the instructions for the repo. https://github.com/Louisvdw/dbus-serialbattery/wiki/How-to-install Once installed, overwrite with the updated files from here from the REVOV branch - https://github.com/csloz/dbus-serialbattery You'll need ssh access to your PI or CCGX Files to update / add from his release are mostly in these 2 files https://github.com/csloz/dbus-serialbattery/blob/revov/etc/dbus-serialbattery/revov.py (the partially completed driver) https://github.com/csloz/dbus-serialbattery/blob/revov/etc/dbus-serialbattery/dbus-serialbattery.py (some mild updates to add a link to load the revov.py code). Bit busy on work atm, if you get stuck shout.
  12. I just spotted something blindingly obvious. So obvious in fact that I missed it! I've re-ordered the data. See if you can spot it - 7C:01:01:76 01:10 0D:35:8D:2E:0D:36:8D:43:0D:4A:8D:45:4D:D9:8D:D0:0D:37:8D:13:0D:36:0D:2A:8D:20:0D:35:8D:20:0D:2A: 02:01 75:30 03:01 27:10 04:01 46:50 05:03 00:49 00:49 20:4A 06:05 00:00 10:10 00:00 00:00 00:01 Alarm 07:01 00:85 08:01 15:3C 09:01 27:10 0A:01 00:01 0B:01 00:00 83:66 0C:01 00:00 37:AE 0D:01 00:40 00:00 0E:01 00:40 00:00 0F:01 00:1A 4A:3F 10:01 00:09 57:AD DE:0D Thats right - the packet structure is actually quite nicely laid out. We have the header bits and footer bits (in bold). Then each message has a ID byte, and a Length (although some values are longs, some not) eg ID: Length. Value 01:10 with length 16 (10 in HEX) is our battery cell info 02:01 75:30 = 3000 -> 30 03:01 27:10 = 10000 ->100 04:01 46:50 = 18000 ->180 05:03 00:49 00:49 20:4A = 3 pairs? 73/73/8266 ?? 06:05 00:00 10:10 00:00 00:00 00:01 Alarm bits 07:01 00:85 = 133 -> Cycles 08:01 15:3C = 5436 -> Volts (54.36) 09:01 27:10 = 10000 -> 100 0A:01 00:01 = 1 0B:01 00:00 83:66 = 0, 33670 (3.367?) 0C:01 00:00 37:AE = 0, 14254 (0.14254?) 0D:01 00:40 00:00 = 64, 0 0E:01 00:40 00:00 = 64, 0 0F:01 00:1A 4A:3F = 26, 190007 (19.000) 10:01 00:09 57:AD = 9, 22445 (22.445?) A lot less info to work out. I think I should be able to map the rest later! (Bit busy today, so can't touch right now).
  13. Some screen shots of this in action on my Venus PI Now with per cell monitoring (added the qml file on the current repo)
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