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  1. Our estate uses 24V Mecer lookalikes, with 2 * 12V 105AH Enertec deep cycle batteries. A very common event is that 1 battery gets tired after 2-3 years, and either will not hold a charge, or will not charge beyond 12.5V I know it is not good practice to replace 1 battery only, as the batteries are now unbalanced, but most of the above failures are due to unbalancing anyway. What is the worst that can happen if one replaces 1 battery only, and monitor the balancing going forward with a voltmeter? If the older battery fails, it was due to be replaced anyway. If the new battery fails, that would be a good reason not to mix batteries, but why would it fail if the charge voltage was correct? I am trying to avoid scrapping a battery that still has a few years life, or is this really not a good idea? Would welcome your views.
  2. This looks interesting:) Defy is launching a hybrid solar mains fridge and freezer this month (Feb 2021) 3 * 30W panels come with the appliance and use solar power to keep the fridge or freezer powered when the sun is out, falling back to mains as required. https://stuff.co.za/2021/02/11/solar-hybrid-fridge-freezer-south-africa/ https://www.businessinsider.co.za/defy-launches-solar-powered-fridges-freezers-in-sa-costs-under-r6000-with-panel-2021-2 https://www.defy.co.za/solar-hybrid
  3. Thanks for the suggestions! I presume Sonoff would need an App or Wifi connection? After some research I am looking at one of the following 1. Sinotimer (12V option available) TM618 Universal Input 5V 12V 24V DC/AC 7 Days Programmable Weekly Timer Module for Gate Automation and Solar Controls Usage: The TM618 timer MODULE can open or close kinds of electrical apparatus and power automatically, according to the preset time, the items can be streetlight, neon light (sign), billboard, electrical appliances, broadcast equipment etc... 2. Omron H5F (220V only, no battery backup) • Up to 12 ON/OFF operations (24 for pulse-output operation). • Special holidays can be handled easily with the holiday setting function. • Adjustments for sudden schedule changes can be made easily using output override and automatic return operation. • The operation program can be checked easily with the program check function. • Enables pulse output operation and summer time setting. • Incorporates finger-safe terminals. • Conforms to UL, CSA, and CE marking. • Meets a variety of mounting requirements: flush mounting, surface mounting, and DIN track mounting.
  4. Question for the techies out there:) I am a trustee for a body corporate, mix of commercial and residential units. Access control is the normal sliding gate. The current Centurion gate motor does the job just fine, but we would like to tweak the operation slightly The Centurion gate controller has a built in timer, and we use this to open the gate at 6am and close it at 7pm (Mon to Sun) The gate has to stay open 6am-7pm for the commercial units (medical centre), but after 2pm Sat and all of Sun, we would prefer the gate to close. The current setup does not allow for different times at weekend. Previously we had a separate Majortech style timer, mains powered with battery backup, but it was unreliable, compared to the current 12V Centurion timer. I would like something more like a Geyserwise controller, or inexpensive PLC. Very reliable. Preferably 12v powered Relatively easy to program. What do the experts recommend? I have never used an Arduino or Pi, but if they are the answer am prepared to give them a go. Thanks!
  5. One Deal a Day has this on offer
  6. This is very normal. I have noted this with Enertec batteries, and the battery data sheet confirms it, there is a sharp drop initially to approx 24.8V within the first 15 minutes, then a long flat discharge of several hours to 24.0V
  7. Hi iops, Slightly off topic, but I would like to ask you about your Synapse 3.0+ 24V inverter, as the residential complex I live in on the KZN South Coast has a few of these units installed, together with many CBSolar 24V inverters and a handful of Mecers The CBSolar inverters have been the standard for 2 years and apart from a few failures have performed well. We are still getting to know the Synapse and Mecer. One issue we have noted with the Synapse 3.0+ is that the fan runs continuously, this is not the case with the CBSolar and Mecer. Do you know if the Synapse is a Voltronics, or a clone? Who supplied the unit to you?
  8. I understand that when [05] is set to Use, that this enables [26] [27] [29] What are the results of using Fld and Agm? Fld seems to force 26,27, and 29 to the default values? Does Agm do the same? When would one ever want to use Fld or Agm? It is very confusing to have setting 5 default to Fld, not realizing that it has an impact on other important settings!
  9. Veerry interesting, thanks McDuffy!
  10. Hi McDuffy, How do you measure your battery voltages - external voltmeter, Axpert display, or RS232 port and PC? I would really like to see a comprehensive test of the Axpert performance, but using lab equipment to accurately measure volts and amps. Not sure I trust the measurements displayed by the Axpert Regards, Solo
  11. Impressive! Did you import the Flukso unit directory from the suppliers, or are they available locally?
  12. Hi Macduffy, Very interesting discussion! I have been involved with the inverter/battery setup on a residential estate in KZN, for a period of approx 2 years. The estate has approx 100 households, each equipped with CB Solar 3000W (Axpert) inverter and 2 * Dixon or Enertec lead acid batteries in series (24V) We have seen very similar results to your tests. After 2 hour load shedding, with 100W load, the inverter returns to float very quickly. On days when there are 2 load shedding outages, the batteries do not recharge properly between outages, and we have had some batteries undercharge. We have had to recharge some batteries, and have rescued some before they suffer permanent damage. Our biggest issue is the installer not changing the battery low voltage cutoff setting from the default of 21.0V to recommended 23.5V, this has permanently damaged several batteries. Another issue is unequal charging of the 12V batteries in series, one battery always suffers unless a battery equaliser is installed.
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