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  1. I have been involved with body corporates for many years, and you are right, it is often difficult to change the status quo. I suspect that the aesthetics issue will be a big factor, an unsightly installation will not go down well. Also if the roof tiles are damaged in any way, this will be a big no-no. It would be better if the body corporate took the lead, but this needs a solar champion to drive it.
  2. Very interesting discussion, thank you! I have a house that is now rented out, but the roof is almost perfect for panels, being east and north facing. We are now staying in a complex of 71 free standing simplexes and duplexes, facing in all directions, depending on the unit. Some of the garages (including ours) have a nice north facing garage. Ours is a single garage (3mx5m) as are most others, only a few double garages. Could fit at least 6 panels on it. My question is: Are architects in future going to start designing residences to be 'sun friendly' ie making th
  3. Very informative thread, thank you!
  4. This is very normal. I have noted this with Enertec batteries, and the battery data sheet confirms it, there is a sharp drop initially to approx 24.8V within the first 15 minutes, then a long flat discharge of several hours to 24.0V
  5. Hi iops, Slightly off topic, but I would like to ask you about your Synapse 3.0+ 24V inverter, as the residential complex I live in on the KZN South Coast has a few of these units installed, together with many CBSolar 24V inverters and a handful of Mecers The CBSolar inverters have been the standard for 2 years and apart from a few failures have performed well. We are still getting to know the Synapse and Mecer. One issue we have noted with the Synapse 3.0+ is that the fan runs continuously, this is not the case with the CBSolar and Mecer. Do you know if the Synapse is a Vo
  6. I understand that when [05] is set to Use, that this enables [26] [27] [29] What are the results of using Fld and Agm? Fld seems to force 26,27, and 29 to the default values? Does Agm do the same? When would one ever want to use Fld or Agm? It is very confusing to have setting 5 default to Fld, not realizing that it has an impact on other important settings!
  7. Veerry interesting, thanks McDuffy!
  8. Hi McDuffy, How do you measure your battery voltages - external voltmeter, Axpert display, or RS232 port and PC? I would really like to see a comprehensive test of the Axpert performance, but using lab equipment to accurately measure volts and amps. Not sure I trust the measurements displayed by the Axpert Regards, Solo
  9. Impressive! Did you import the Flukso unit directory from the suppliers, or are they available locally?
  10. Hi Macduffy, Very interesting discussion! I have been involved with the inverter/battery setup on a residential estate in KZN, for a period of approx 2 years. The estate has approx 100 households, each equipped with CB Solar 3000W (Axpert) inverter and 2 * Dixon or Enertec lead acid batteries in series (24V) We have seen very similar results to your tests. After 2 hour load shedding, with 100W load, the inverter returns to float very quickly. On days when there are 2 load shedding outages, the batteries do not recharge properly between outages, and we have had some batterie
  11. Good discussion, I am taking notes! I would definitely try charging the batteries before going to all the cost of replacing them. I suspect they have been undercharged, the fact that they last 2 hours may be a hopeful sign.. We had 100Ah batteries which lasted 20 mins. They had been severely discharged, several times.
  12. PS AGM and gel batteries do not have electrolyte like lead acid batteries. Cannot be topped up, so be careful not to overcharge, but it looks like they will accept 40A, so I guess low risk of overcharging with a Ctek or PDS008 charger, I doubt these will supply 40A
  13. Hi AScheff, I am still learning about Axpert and batteries, but in my my opinion if you act quickly, there is a chance you can rescue the batteries by charging with a good external battery charger. One that can supply a high charging current, which may be able to correct any sulphation on the battery plates. As your batteries are sealed just have to be careful not to overcharge and lose electrolyte through gassing, as the batteries cannot be topped up. How to charge the batteries: 1. Take them to a battery expert with charging equipment. 2. Buy a good charger Hawkins a
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