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  1. That is the default values. I've seen batteries that reached those alarms a couple of times at the start of commissioning and they are still in daily use after many years. It seems like the cells they use are quite robust (if you exclude the 125Ah). (Go look at the logs, there is a good chance that you also had OVP events when your battery was new.)
  2. Like this? https://www.takealot.com/electric-quartz-heater-800w/PLID72496228
  3. Those aren't max limits, those are operating limits. You can put as many panels as you like to, as long as you remain below the voltage limit of the MPPT, and below the Isc rating (I think 34A per MPPT for this inverter).
  4. My guess is that the slave battery is not balanced, and disconnects on cell ovp, then the master battery reaches all conditions for full pack reset (>55.2V and <2000mA). It will likely sort itself out over the course of a couple of weeks, if it does not, you might have to replace a cell. As a side-note: that battery temperature is way too high!
  5. It's 500mAh. 14500 would be the size of the cell, 14mm diameter, 50mm long.
  6. Unfortunately, pretty much all the BMSs require the battery to be charged to balance the cells, so if you don't charge to 100%, you are reducing the battery life.
  7. Seems to be a recurring theme with parallel Deye/Sunsynks.
  8. The charge voltage is set by the BMS. The voltage that the BMS sets is regulated at the inverter, so naturally it will be lower at the battery when charging.
  9. Yeah, the fact that the battery voltage is 54.3 probably means the inverter is outputting 55V, so it is limiting the voltage.
  10. It's because the BSL's BMS sets a relatively low voltage for charging (55V), so the current will quickly taper off when the batteries go over 50-60%.
  11. There should be a check valve and an anti-syphon loop. If you are losing that much temperature through the night, you definitely need to replace the one way valve and you likely don't have an anti-syphon loop. Fix those things and then check if you need insulation.
  12. The COP for this heat pump is 12, according to the specs (under the specified conditions - most notably the ambient temperature is higher than the pool temperature).
  13. Yeah, so the heatpump output is only 14.5kW under very specific conditions - like the outside temperature has to be higher than the pool temperature. In winter its output can drop down to 2.8kW. So to answer your question: At least 3 months or so.
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