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  1. V4+ <cell> V3+ <cell> V2+ <cell> V1+ <cell> B-
  2. I estimate 2152W for that system, so just about half of the above. Notes: The aircon will likely draw less than that in the worst case, but I have assumed it is not a Samsung (some 12000btu samsungs are only 9000btu in cooling and use less than 1000W) and that it is way undersized for the room. I have also assumed that the laptops aren't both gaming laptops - I think my estimate would hold if one is low-mid-end-gaming and the other is watching netflix or browsing or doing office tasks. All the other estimates should be relatively conservative.
  3. I would hazard a guess that the problem is at the binding posts themselves (more specifically the interface between the binding post and the wires). A bus bar would probably help with that, and would be a cheap and easy way to check.
  4. Good news - I got a number of shipment notifications on Friday, whether they make it out of China we still have to see. Luckily SAPO will quarantine them for free for an undisclosed period if time, like all packages they handle, so they should be virus-free by the time I receive them.
  5. The Owl only has a CT, so it only measures apparent power. It will always measure more than the Multiplus. That and what Jaco said.
  6. It probably has more to do with the control algorithm. With high-frequency inverters you can also control faster.
  7. I agree evacuated tubes have their downsides. I am just saying that PV panels are not a solution for rainy days.
  8. In terms of energy output vs insolation? Neither of them are really useful under solid cloud cover, but evac tubes have a slight upper hand here. I would not rely on either for cloudy days.
  9. Well, I am reading a bit between the lines from different sources. They do have a notice somewhere that says everything is delayed, they don't have an end date for when things will start flowing as normal, and that you are free to cancel your order if you do not accept those terms. Some other companies have said that nothing is moving, even in China, and if they started again on 10 Feb, they only expect to be up and running and restocked sometime towards the end of March. But then the "holidays" got extended again to 17 Feb. Both aliexpress and the other company also have a note that says not to ask how things are, just to wish them good health, or something along those lines - which leads me to believe that they are really not allowed to divulge what is going on there...
  10. Evac tubes are a lot more efficient than PV panels on cloudy days (well, it's worse on cloudy days)
  11. From what I gather, elements sold as DC elements have different resistances for DC and AC, allowing the same element to be used with 220VAC or 72VDC. Usually, with the amount of panels needed to heat water, it is cost-effective to install a grid-tied solution for your entire home. And it is even more cost effective to install evacuated tubes.
  12. Usually the voltage control is PID, well the point is that the response is at least delayed by one sample. The atten uses cycle skipping as well, so the output of the voltage control algorithm will always be wrong, causing flickering. The effects you are referencing would be more likely with leading/trailing edge control, with cycle skipping, at least switching is always at the zero-cross.
  13. Hmmm. Have you been on the lithuimbatteries website recently? They are not getting any stock soon. Aliexpress likely also won't ship within the next month - they haven't shipped any of my orders this year.
  14. Bean-to-cup is most likely doing cycle skipping - where it would switch on one cycle and off for a couple. (If you pass 50Hz AC through a diode, it is still 50Hz. If you pass it through a full-wave rectifier, you get 100Hz. To get to 25Hz, you need a flip-flop )
  15. Well, none of my packages have shipped from Ali in 2020, and it seems like it is going to be that way for at least another month... If they start shipping again after that, imagine the carnage at SAPO...
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