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  1. Could these possibly help?? The system gets fully charged.
  2. Can someone please help....! My system seems to short on overnight power very often... We are 2 people in house, average size, 2 fridges, 2 ouside led's, normal on standby ie DSTV and routers and cellphone chargers etc, and 1 panel wall heater (600w), we watch tv from about 18h15 till about 20h30, sometimes use an oven set to 70 degC to dry rusks through the night (which kicks in for about 5 mins every 40 mins using 1200 w), and use a geyser (200l) in the mornings from 05h30 to 06h45 (on timer). On my ICC etc, this amounts to approximately 12- 14 Kwh of battery usage yet the systems ends at 13% and jumps to Utility.... My problem is that I struggle to get through the night with 12x batteries..... Let me try to explain... (I am a NOVICE)- We for example use +- 24Kwh in a 24 hour cycle (00h00 to 24h00), ie using 24 solar panels during daytime and then the 12 P's at night, yet sometimes dont make it through the night...? Shouldn't this system be able to cope with batteries only for a complete 24 hour cycle...? (12 x 2.2 kwh = 26.4) Yet I struggle to cope for the 14 hrs of night time only.... System as follows- 2 Axpert 5 kw Inverters, 24 x 330 Canadian panels, 12 x Pylontechs 2000. ( I use ICC and PVOutput and Emoncms to get some info of the system) PS- I am a complete novice, have very basic knowledge, Had all installed for me, and open to being shown my "wrong way of thinking"..... Maybe the info from the systems (ICC/ PVOutput/ Emoncms) are not accurate...?? How can I then measure how much power is being used?? Or maybe the batteries are rated 2.4 Kwh but less is usable..?


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