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  1. @Tariq Thank you! I'm even on a later version already - MCU:3363
  2. Is this V1? Brand new is R2960 - https://www.pace-energy.co.za/products/hubble-lithium-riot-cloudlink
  3. Which firmware version is that for the 5kW inverter?
  4. @Antonio de Sa Have you moved the inverter supply in front of the Earth Leakage Main DB as you've been advised in your other thread?
  5. I think this is incorrect and goes against the recommendation for SPD installation. Was that done by a qualified electrician or yourself? See the recommendations below: A surge protection device (SPD) is correctly wired when: The protected equipment is equipotentially bonded to the same earth to which the SPD is connected The SPD and its associated backup protection are connected: To the network (live wires) and to the main protective bar (PE/PEN) of the board with conductor lengths as short as possible and less than 0.5 m. Link: https://electrical-engineering-portal.com/installing-surge-protection-devices
  6. I have noticed something in the SunSynk installation manual which I cannot find being discussed anywhere previously. On page 23, under the recommendation for a Surge Protector, there is an MCB on the earth wire of the surge protector. Why is that necessary? What are the reasons behind it and what rating that MCB needs to be? See attached picture below:
  7. Can someone please help me with the requirements in South Africa for correct wiring of Socket Outlet and Lighting Circuits. Are we supposed to use the British Closed Ring Circuit wiring for sockets Ring Open Circuit or another standard? What are the requirements and standards for for Lighting Circuits as well? The is tons of information on the net for the other countries but very little regarding the latest SA standards.
  8. The main advantage of a hybrid BI-DIRECTIONAL inverter like SunSynk is not the ability to feed into the grid and receive "credits" for it but instead, the ability to supplement the non-essential loads with extra solar power when available. This allows you to start with a smaller inverter, which does not cover the full house load and still use it's capacity to maximum benefit and cost saving.
  9. How many panels and what size (Watts) each?
  10. Can someone please explain me, what is the difference between Solarman Smart and Solarman Pro? Can the same logger send info to both apps?
  11. @Sarel, why would you choose polarized DC circuit breakers vs non-polarized ones? Is there anything better with the polarized?
  12. Aren’t you supposed to wire polarised circuit breakers according to this document? Or is it different for Noark? Discussion-Paper-Correct-Wiring-of-Double-Pole-DC-Breakers-LVL2-131210-v2.pdf
  13. @Tariq and @Leshen, if it helps to clarify, I have a copy of a draft standard from 2020 which explicitly requires a disconnector. However, I don't know, if that draft has been enforced into law by now:
  14. The correct sequence is specified in the SunSynk installer manual: Startup / Shutdown Procedure The inverter must be installed by a qualified / licensed electrical engineer in accordance to the countries wiring regulations. Before switching on, the installation engineer must have completed the Earth Bond, RCD and earth leakage tests, checked that the solar panel Voc voltage does not exceed 480V and checked the battery voltage. Power on Sequence: 1. Switch on AC 2. Press Start Button 3. Switch on Battery and battery breaker 4. Switch on the DC (PV Isolator) Shutdown Sequence: 1) Switch off AC 2) Press the start button 3) Switch off the battery and the battery breaker 4) Switch off the DC (PV isolator)
  15. Where exactly is your CT coil installed?
  16. Thanks. Another question - why would you use the round bootlaces for the CBs instead of the ones with flat ends?
  17. @Leshen May I ask you what rating relay did you use? Do you have to match it to the inverter output Amps rating for some reason?
  18. I assume, you will be using them to connect the cables to the CBs. Are they necessary or make any difference at all? Or you just want everything neat?
  19. I don't know if it's the same for Shoto but on the Hubble batteries, this is how the dip switches should be configured:
  20. On this forum, people often substitute "hybrid" with "bi-directional" and confuses everyone. Of course, the Growatt is a hybrid inverter! However, it's not a bi-directional as some other brands, therefore it cannot push to the grid side to supplement the non-essential loads or feed to the grid.
  21. I would be worry ordering from them. The physical addresses on the website are incomplete. One cannot check if their offices really exist. Hellopeter has some very bad reviews about them too.
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