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  1. Wow, really? Thanks a lot!!!! Yeah it's 48V...
  2. BUMP Anyone know where to buy these locally?
  3. Hi guys, Just got some new batteries and need a couple balancers. Thought I'd start a new thread instead of reviving old ones.
  4. You can get almost 2 of these for the same price https://powerforum-store.co.za/collections/solar-panels/products/gcl-p6-72h-330w-solar-panel
  5. Is this still for sale? Interested in the inverter.
  6. I would be careful selling these online. Could potentially get into loads of trouble if they are stolen.
  7. Just saw on that spec sheet that the calendar life @25 degrees is 25 years... so much for my excitement over the battery that lasts for 70 years lol Still looks like an amazing battery though and 25 years is still a flippin long time.
  8. These look awesome and extremely cheap when you take lifespan into consideration... On Alibaba they seem to go around 30usd a piece. You would need a minimum string of 21 batteries to get to 48V which would give you about 2kwh. Cost for 21 batteries is approx. $630 = R9500 so about R4750.- per kwh (sure it would be a lot less if buying bulk from the manufacturer directly) Lifespan makes up for it though, giving 25,000 cycles @ 100% DOD to reach 80% initial capacity!!! In other words you could cycle these daily down to 0% and after 68 years you would still have 80% capacity left! That's insane!
  9. Get them to meet you at the police station next time.
  10. Looks like a fake physical address. Can't find any mention of it in the directory listing for that mall.
  11. Probably not a standard ethernet cable. You can inspect the supplied cable to see which wires go to which pins and then make your own. Saw this post the other day but dunno if it's just for Victron... Better to use the above method... https://powerforum.co.za/topic/4951-wantedvictron-vecan-to-can-bus-bms-cable-type-b/?do=findComment&comment=67779
  12. I know it's a month late but @Jeroen 's batteries are 100% definitely stolen LEOCH batteries. Perhaps the logo has been scratched off or removed with solvents, but the model number is LFeLi-48100T and the specs are on the LEOCH website: http://www.leoch.com/pdf/reserve-power/Lithium/LB-LFeLi-48100T-PD-EN-V1.6-201810.pdf The same batteries are sold by Averge with a sticker over the LEOCH logo. This is the pic on their website: On a side note, "the solar shop" where he apparently got them from is still advertising stolen batteries: http://www.thesolar-shop.co.za/index.php/product-category/lithium-ion-battery/ Really makes me wonder what the cops are actually doing all day when it seems so easy to catch these criminals...
  13. Yes, if there's a problem they refund you very quickly. I recently ordered a Mod and an RDA but the box arrived with only the RDA inside. Took pictures (the customs sticker also said "1 item") and opened a dispute. A couple days later I got refunded the full order amount, so I ended up getting the RDA for free.


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