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  1. Think it's just the new generation of the Axpert style OEM products. It has the same user menu. This one looks like it's exactly the same as the Growatt except for the panel trim https://www.solarwaysuppliers.co.za/product/sacolar-5kw-high-power-450vdc-inverter-mppt-100a-48v/
  2. Yeah that's the reason for the strange number of new panels... Any less or any more would pretty much go to waste.
  3. I was planning on making 2 parallel strings. Re-connect the 9 existing 8.1A panels in series (which comes to 266Vmpp) and then mount another string with 7 new 8.9A panels in series (comes to 260Vmpp). So I'll end up with 8.1A + 8.9A = 17A @ 260V (power loss of 49 watts from the 6 volt mismatch).
  4. Think I'm just gonna go with that Growatt inverter... Will be a nice bump from 3kw to 5kw, will save me the hassle of wiring a new setup for high amps, will take care of the existing voltage drop and I can sell my inverter and charge controller to make up some cash...
  5. Now we're back on the search for a high voltage MPPT that's cheaper than the Growatt hybrid inverter Or go with many parallel strings and find a "normal" voltage MPPT that works out cheaper after factoring in the cable run...
  6. Just took a look at my history now, 6 days ago I got a max of 2320W coming in at 41.6A
  7. Awesome idea! Thanks for the advice! I do pull in over 2100W quite regularly, peak according to the outback's lifetime history is almost 2400W!
  8. That's Vmpp. I'm running a 48V system, 2 strings of 4x 200AH gels. I have 6 of these 235W panels https://www.skyfireenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/DS_Sovello_Project_Pro_P_V1.2.pdf. Model number is the same but for some reason mine say 29V and 8.2A on the sticker but the PDF says 8A at 29.4V... maybe there are regional variants? The other 3 panels (8.1 Impp, 31 Vmpp) are 250W "Sky-King" or something chinese. The panels I'm thinking of getting are these 330W ones https://mcusercontent.com/1547c2fe7c9a7a2586f3e482b/files/75e7cc1d-8982-4f7e-a63f-b7e3d5420b1b/BYD_P6
  9. I saw that one, but it's like 18k rand... Growatt hybrid inverter is only 13k. I'm only utilizing around 25A so I have room where amps are concerned. Problem is I have 6x 29V panels (8.2A) and 3x 31V panels (8.1A) at the moment, set up in 3 strings of 2x 29V + 1x 31V. The new panels I wanna get give 8.9A at 37V so adding more strings isn't really possible without loosing a lot of performance due to the mismatch. Buying a second Outback might work... Though that would set me back around 12k, and around 3k for cabling (the panels are like 60 meters away from the batterie
  10. As the title says. Thinking of getting some more panels but it would be too much power for my Outback FM60 to handle. If I'm gonna upgrade then I would like to rewire my 3 parallel strings into one series string of 9 panels which comes up to around 260V at 8.1A and then add the equivalent Voltage (7 panels) worth of new 8.9A panels into a second series string. So far this is the best alternative I've seen https://solarpanelenergy.co.za/p/958306/5kw-growatt-spf-5000-es-inverter but I'd much rather spend less on just the MPPT if they do actually exist, since I already have an inverter.
  11. If you're looking for a 60mm PWM 4-pin fan then this looks like it should work? https://za.rs-online.com/web/p/axial-fans/1919374 Or this one? (free shipping) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32863804650.html
  12. Sounds complicated! Anyways, thanks for trying to help! I have opened a support ticket with the Outback people in the US. Hopefully they have a guy here in SA, else I'll have to buy a new charge controller...
  13. Yup. What is your max daily voltage when you check your history?
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