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  1. Im really contemplating trying CAN and protocol 52 then since I'm so lazy and not keen on disconnecting the batteries and driving to Rectron
  2. Weird that its suddenly working without alarms if they didnt do anything? Is your dips also 0110 and Protocol 01?
  3. Ok I'll give that a go before I make time to take the batteries to Rectron. Just to clarify, what would that translate to in Volts? My current User Defined settings has these on: Bulk Charge Voltage is 53.5V Floating is 52V Low DC cut-off is 46V Would you say these sound reasonable? Voltage back to Utility 47V instead of default 46V And just to make sure I understand this correctly, once the battery drops to this amount it'll switch back to AC, so the lower this amount the longer i'll be on batteries. Voltage back to battery 52V instead of default 54V When the battery reaches this amount again the inverter will switch to batteries instead of AC I think at the end of the day I need to get to Rectron in order to use the full potential of the batteries else i've wasted money
  4. Anyway I wanted to test it a bit more, using the batteries at night, and checking if it does drop the panel production completely just after my batteries are recharged the morning. It felt like that was the case a day or two in the mornings. But then this also occurs in the afternoons when my batteries are fully charged.
  5. It definitely felt like that a day or two, but i've not been able to completely confirm. I figured it might just be the inverter that still needs more work on the firmware side of things (Doublechecked, Im on 040.03/041.03 btw) because even when I had my charge source to SOL only, at night when my batteries "die" around 10:30pm it ended up charging from Utility for about an hour before I noticed, I had to reset SOL charge source again for it to stop... And the morning after it looked like it used the panels to charge the batteries (fine) and also the Utility to power my house load, it was on SBU or SOL. I was hoping that it would charge and supply from panels...IE charge the batteries with the excess panel production that I'm not consuming? I might be misunderstanding some of the principles, but my idea would be to try and avoid Utility as much as possible even if it means the batteries might take longer to charge during the day, and even discharge a little to assist in the load spikes..
  6. Ok great thanks! I was holding off on taking the batteries in since they're connected and somewhat working, this just motivates me to do it now.
  7. @tetrasection yeah the firmware did help, this used to happen while I would be in SUB as well, after the firmware upgrade that went away so I just assumed I might need another upgrade later when there's a new version. It doesnt really look like my voltage is doing anything if I understand the historic data from that day correctly, 11:55 to 12:00 in the attached spreadsheet is when one of the drops happen, this spreadsheet is from the growatt server, not sure if you or @Buyeye spot something out of that? It happens normally quite quickly after I make the change so i'll perhaps just monitor it directly on the inverter to be sure. I barely follow what all these values mean had to quickly google what voltage sag is About the Battery SOC stats, its quite inconsistent on the graphs as well, hopping around a lot, this is just quickly from today where I've only been on SUB: Results.xlsx
  8. These gaps for example is where I tried running on SOL or SBU today:
  9. I mean I've got 8 x 400WP panels and 2x 2.4kw batteries, what I find is if I turn off the Eskom breaker I can run all day on the solar panels alone and the battery jumps in from time to time, in this example I didnt have Eskom since about 3am, batteries carried me until around 8am where the panels picked up and charged my batteries while covering the house consumption etc: @Buyeye do you perhaps think its due to not running the batteries on the BMS yet? Still need to get around to disconnect them and get to Rectron etc so that I can use the Li setting 05. IE my voltage point to utility & battery mode is still default...
  10. I have to say this Growatt inverter seems a bit wonky when it comes to the output source priority setting? It only seems to utilize full Solar when I'm running on SUB, if its SOL or SBU it seems to end up using Eskom more...that whole thing where my panels just cut off My idea is to run on SBU/SOL and have the batteries only charge from SOL during non load shedding times, when there's load shedding I'd want it to run on SUB with charging from both panels & Eskom...
  11. Ok thanks, I realised the cable i've got plugged in matches this, and its been plugged into the CAN port on the inverter instead, so i've moved that to the RS485 port instead. I'm now getting the same errors @TJ Human is, fault warning 03 & 36 when I run program 5 Li & program 36 L01... I've attached my details from the battery as well, I'm running 2 of these so not sure what the slave battery has in terms of this number, I'm unfortunately based in JHB, do I also need software updates and do you have JHB branch?
  12. Hi @Dyness again thanks a lot for taking a look at these forums and being part of this! I've not had time to change my dip switches yet but keep threating everyday to get to it so am happy if they should stay on 0110 and 0000. So just to confirm, I've got the SPF5000ES inverter, the guys from setSolar did the install and my cable is plugged into the CAN port, they've unfortunately not left me any other cables but am sure I can get them if need be. I'm not getting any issues now that I'm running on the UserDefined setting but can tell the inverter isnt using the batteries properly so I'd like to try program 5 on Li and protocol 36? is that right? I only tried protocols 51 to 65 after selecting Li on program 5.
  13. Thanks @Buyeye I'll change my dip switches tomorrow then and give 52 a go. Fingers crossed.
  14. Ok, yours is definitely more recent, mine looks like the link I posted, with latest revision at 1.3 but dated 26/07/2019. I'll try and make some time tomorrow to try 0010, which if I understand yours correctly is for the SPF5000ES ?
  15. mmm, that's a bit confusing, I see manuals online saying 0100, but my manual refers to the Growatt Hybrid(CAN comm) being 0100, but then the Growatt-SPF(off-grid) by 485 to be 0110... I've got the SPF but its on CAN and doesnt specifically say which one. I went with 0110 cos of this post, I see the guys here also went through the same confusion Mine doesnt mention Growatt in the 0010 settings...
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