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  1. Yes,they sent me a mail saying it is up to date,but when I phoned they said they got the new firmware and was bussy updating already. But so far everything is running smoothly.
  2. @thoc sorry,appernetly they did update the firmware on the battery.
  3. Maybe yours takes a bit longer to get that last 5% fully charged because of the bigger battery capacity?
  4. That makes sense,when I used the battery to 60% it charged very fast to about 93% and the took a while to get to 100%.but it seems to be working fine.
  5. @tetrasectionwhen mine charges it takes a while(couple of hours) to get from 95% to 100% and then discharges again slowly,about an hour, to 95% again. That is after I got mine back from rectron but it seems to be working correct now, no alarms.
  6. @Dyness The technician from Rectron just contacted me and said that the battery has the latest firmware on,they contacted Dyness and confirmed it with them. What else could be the problem for the inberter showing alarm 03 and 36?
  7. @Dyness took in my battery today to rectron for firmware update so hope everything goes well. Thanks for your help so far.
  8. I am taking my battery in tomorrow to update firmware if everything goes according to plan. I will keep you guys updated how everything goes.
  9. @Dyness Thank you, I will do that and let you know how it went.
  10. @Dyness this is the info on top of the battery. Hope that is the number you are looking for.
  11. Ok thank you. I will first send you the serial number for the battery to check the software. Do you have a contact number for the after sales to make sure it is fine to come threw?
  12. I am in Wellington near Cape town. Can they update the and parameters at my home if needed?
  13. Yes the alarm jumps between 03 and 36 on the inverter screen.
  14. My model is an ES,it only has the CAN port and the 485 port at the bottom. I am not at home currently but will send you the serial number of the battery this evening when I get home.
  15. @Dyness should I try the CAN cable on inverter with the CAN port and not RS485? Should the setting be on program 5 Li and on program 36 L01?
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