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  1. Yes, you cut the plastic on those tabs away to get a cable in.
  2. I know some companies charge between R2.5 and R4 per Watt.
  3. I can help you, what exactly are you looking for?
  4. In a DC system, it's perfectly fine to "break" just one input. + is normally broken, though - can be broken as well. Solar regulations require that we "break" both though. You need to put fuses in for protection, and then an isolator to safely switch disconnect the PV array from the MPPT in case of emergency.
  5. I meant, us / we, those of us with solar systems
  6. I think a supercap will last longer?
  7. I prefer to cater for worse case scenario's as well. We can't control, not predict erratic weather and I would rather be safe than sorry in this case.
  8. Grid tie inverters, without batteries. do this as well. It will, for example, feed the full 2Kw PV available into the grid. If the house needs 2.5Kw, the remaining 500w will come from the grid.
  9. And then you need to install a nother R150K solar system to charge it
  10. This is quite valuable information. For both the Victron and Voltronic inverters, the manuals state that float voltage should be 53.0V or 53.2V respectively and not 52, or thereabouts as you say.
  11. In all honesty, thin film panels, like the Solar Frontier panels are designed completely different than Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline panels and generally perform much better. Since they're more expensive fewer people use them.
  12. A microwave's input is often 2x it's rated output. That 500W microwave night use 1000W or perhaps 900W to run.
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