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  1. I would agree with this. I have about 3 devices ranging from 12v to 9v, plugged into a 24v UPS (transforming to 220V), and my power consumption on the kill-a-watt reads between 20 and 30Wh. -G-
  2. So what you're saying is to point your front-loader 45 degrees upwards -G-
  3. Apologies for derailing the thread a bit, but in the south and middle parts of the US, they don't build houses with wood (instead of brick) to cut costs, but for Tornado safety-concerns, as far as I remember (or it started out that way). Nope, turns out to be an old wive's-tale. -G-
  4. So the cables worked out very well. Hooked up everything last night to check that it all works. Tomorrow I'll put the batteries in a ventilated plastic box next to the UPS. Wouldn't say its up to an electricians' standard, but not too bad PS Gonna get some red and black tape or markings to mark the positive and negative (the shop only had the green welding wire)
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions He said its only a fiber OTN, a mikrotik router, a 5port switch and a wifi PoE injector for the wifi, so Im guessing below 50W ( if its even that much) at rough 1 amp per device. -G-
  6. Hi again So my brother wants to hook up his 24V 2000VA UPS to a pair of 12V 18Ah batteries, but the batteries dont fit in the UPS case. He's decided to put it next to the UPS in a plastic container, running the cables through the side of the UPS. Now the Question: An electrical friend of mine can give me 3m of 15mm welding cabling and 16x6mm lugs with heatshrink to match. Will the cable work for connecting the batteries to the UPS if I connect the UPS cables to these welding cables using Brad Harrison 50amp plugs? -G-
  7. Ello, I saw @plonkster post a recommendation for this victron multiplus but I've always wondered, looking at the connections: I pressume you'd get a cable with the inverter to plug into the AC IN connector, but how do you connect the AC OUT? and do you hook it up to your DB or do you put a multiplug on it (because it doesn't make alot of sense to me to hook e.g. a 500W inverter to your DB) ? -G-
  8. I was looking at the MLT Oasis manual, and I saw this section: I've always wonder how does this physically work/look? Are there 2 sets of cables connected to the batteries (one set from the inverter/charger and one from the mppt)? -G-
  9. Doesn't a hybrid also blend power? (i.o.w if you have 2Kw load, and your PV panels only give 1Kw, it will blend the other 1Kw from the grid to give you 2Kw output) Where as the other off-grid and grid-tied does a complete "switch-over" and pulls 2Kw from the grid if the PV panels or batteries can't give that amount? -G-
  10. But won't the inverter stop charging before the batteries reach 100% as (if I read it correctly) their absorption voltage is higher than lead acid? -G-
  11. Thank you for your suggestion; I will follow it up.


  12. Ah, nevermind, got my answer here: https://powerforum.co.za/topic/2111-blue-nova/ The charger will most likely never charge it to 100% SOC. -G-
  13. Sorry to hijack the thread a bit, but can you put LiFePO4 Batteries (like these 2x12V of these: https://www.bluenova.co.za/mobile-power-series/) on that mecer inverter? -G-
  14. As far as I can remember, the electrician didn't say anything about a timer-switch when he explained to me why the geyser wasn't switching on (while pointing to the connections in an outside connection-box), so I can only assume he didn't see a timer switch or there wasn't one. -G-
  15. Same with me. When I lived in Randburg, one morning I had freezing-water only (during winter) and thought the thermostat on the geyser died. Got an electrician out who eventually found the problem at the ripple-relay that never switched the geyser back on again. Bypassed it and all was well again. -G-
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