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  1. Hello All

    I am needing some advice if anyone out there could help, I have a Mecer 3Kva plus inverter, Iam collection 2 x Pylon Tech 24 volt, 2.4 Kwh batteries tomorrow and wanting to know what sttings to install on my inverter, I see your setting for the 48 volt model, but none for the 24 volt type.

    Many thanks 


  2. hello, I am from Vietnam, please help me ask for a 3kw apext vm machine


  3. One can have two Goodwes but their backup supplies need to be separate. So one can think of it as a tree with the "mik" low down and each inverter supplying a separate set of essential loads and the two inverters co-operating to supply grid-tie loads.
  4. My Axpert is approaching 4 years now. We will see how long it lasts.
  5. No the Goodwes has two supplies - backup which one puts ones essential loads on and a gridtie supply which allows the inverter to supply geysers aircons and other non essentials if not all the power generated by the inverter is being consumed by the backup appliances. If we schematically have the set up with the utility meter on the left and the inverter in the middle then backup is on the right of the inverter and grid is between the inverter and the meter. At night the inverter draws electricity from the grid and supplies the backup (offgrid - poor term in this case) then during the day solar power is prioritised for the backup system and any excess energy is sent to the gridtie supply
  6. With an Axpert the caps remain powered even it the inveter is switched off. The built in SCC also continues to function even if the inverter is off.
  7. Hi Padwan ensure that the ICC cable goes in to the master battery. There may be the need to update ICC to get the correct info from 3000Bs. Chat to Manie. Addition: Ok I can see you have your cables inserted correctly. Missed the cable initially.
  8. No disrespect (and no offence taken) I got it WRONG kWh not kW - I meant kWh not kW but I have been burning the candle at both ends over the festive season. I will correct it. I have not caught up yet to all the posts over the Xmas period.
  9. Ok I wasn't aware of that - yes you need busbars.
  10. Hi Kobus have a look in the download section there is a Axpert Guide I wrote a year or so ago (it needs updating). With a 3.5kW Pylontech the max charging rate is 37A. Since the Axpert can only be set in graduation of 10A that limits you to 30A. So setting 2 and 11 should not be above 30A. Further the settings are exactly the same as the settings for US2000B below.
  11. Jammer ek is die sondebok - verkieslik Engels want ons het n baie bree spektrum lede van reg oor die wereld
  12. You don't have to start that slogan ZESA is doing a pretty good job on its own. The last time I was in Zimbabwe I visited a farm just outside Marondera. The main 3 pole circuit breaker was faulty and was continuously tripping. As there was not a replacement available the solution proposed by the ZESA help desk was to open the door of the supply box and cut a medium length truncheon and keep the CB in the on position.
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