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  1. Chris Hobson

    Huawei PV Inverter max output power?

    Huaweis don't pass current they augment current to the max of their ability. So if the inverter is producing 25kW and the load is 75kW then 50kW comes from Eskom. The 50kW does not pass through the inverter. The inverter's output is added to eskom rather than the otherway around.
  2. Chris Hobson

    Trojans dying, time for Lithiums. A few questions:

    Pylons can warm their own cells not something I really worry about but since large parts of China the Mercury drops like it is in freefall its clever that they thought of that. My brother is a deputy headmaster for an international school in China and he and the family attended the Harbin Ice Festival where the temperatures were a balmy -22°C.
  3. Good day Chris

    I read some posts which referred to an "Axpert settings" page which you compiled. I have been searching, but not found it yet. Could you please direct me or post the link if it's still active. Many thanks

  4. Chris Hobson

    Newbie questions

    Here in the Karoo it was 5° but I made it 10° so that the panels would self-clean.
  5. Chris Hobson

    Newbie questions

    You got me there - I see it was one in the morning.
  6. Chris Hobson

    Axpert Inverter, OSO charging

    Battery bulk voltage will be determined by you batteries' datasheet rather than the Axpert manual.
  7. Chris Hobson

    Allgrand and Dixon batteries

    These have a quoted 1000 cycles at 50% DOD. Not bad - batteries with training wheels so to speak. These have no datasheet I would steer clear of them.
  8. Chris Hobson

    Newbie questions

    I have a 4 season tilt which cost about 100 bucks and a reminder on Outlook to change the panels. I can do it as it needs a bit of labour.
  9. Chris Hobson

    Newbie questions

    i.e 12 degrees in normal speak. I suppose I must accept that different parts of the world measure the other angle.
  10. Chris Hobson

    Solar Array Configuration

    In series you add volts in parallel you add amps. The figures in your diagram are correct. If you using Synerji inverters then 2 panels is probably your max. I see that each array is for one inverter.
  11. Chris Hobson

    Trojans dying, time for Lithiums. A few questions:

    I have no experience with BYD but a pylontech has all the cables you need to connect modules. You need a cable pack (about R300) to connect your battery bank to inverter.
  12. Chris Hobson

    Newbie questions

    An East West array is great, an idea that eminates from Germany in about 2012, and you can connect them to a single SCC with some provisos (which are hard to meet in a domestic situation perfect East West orientation being one of them).
  13. Chris Hobson

    Mooilande Setup

    No not necessary it was visible on the BMV and the inverter's own voltmeter. Like I said serious ripple. Ill try and find a video.
  14. Chris Hobson

    Pylontech Batteries

    I would speak to your supplier. Updating firmware can be traumatic and I know of an Aussie user that bricked his module. I have 4 batteries with 2 different firmwares. Yes there are some idiosyncrasies but essentially they work. It is not an arena I would rush into.
  15. Chris Hobson

    Newbie questions

    I would only have panels facing different directions if you have more than one SCC.