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  1. Louis, a quick question. In your documentation you refer to a USB FT232R connection to the BMS. I assume it's 3V3 opposed to 5V to the BMS correct? Edit: Fixed wrong wording.
  2. I have two HA-02 Battery Balancers for sale, R500 each. Shipping is for the buyers account. Both are in perfect working condition and came from a working Lead-Acid installation. They are already fused on each battery positive leg, ready for installation. They are similar to the image below.
  3. Just to close this thread. I eventually found this at Roco Fittings in JHB. Not the best but will work great and better than me drilling my own holes in a solid cap.
  4. Probably cost. Finding a DC circuit breaker that can handle that massive amount of current is costly. The choice is yours, all installations I see use fused battery connections.
  5. Yes, it's still available with the fuse.
  6. I am on my way there now. I only need two but it needs to be those small round ones.
  7. Thanks. Looks like I am going to have to buy a 'hole cover' or 'plug' and then drill my own holes. Not the most elegant but it will work.
  8. Looks like I am always looking for the difficult to find stuff. To finish up my controller enclosure I need two small ventilation caps. Does anyone have ideas where I can get something similar? 25mm or 32mm would be perfect. Like what I have here:
  9. My bank also went from an easy 4H30 Load Shedding session when new to a just barely making it with very careful load management after two years - but it still made the 4H30 sessions. I did have balancers which kept the batteries in better shape than would otherwise be. My initial choice was to go the cheaper LA, but still $$$, option until such time that LiFePO4 prices came down a bit and now is a good time for that. I upgraded to LiFePO4 two months ago and very happy. In short, I fear your batteries have had it if it can't deliver on your 4H requirement. Have them checked and tested just
  10. Nope, all the batteries are gone.
  11. I just did the exact same thing to my 24V garage motor backup just the other day. I replaced the two 12V 2.4AH batteries (similar size to 60mmx80mmx175mm I think) with 8S1P 32700 batteries in a staggered configuration. I bought a cheapie BMS, 20A perhaps, and it seems to work nicely. My next step is to get a BT BMS so I can monitor the cells remotely via my phone but before that I want to do a few Open|Close operations to see how many operations I can get before declaring this a success and leaving it in as a permanent replacement. My old batteries lasted 4 years (with a balance
  12. Thanks. I placed an order at Electromann, they are sortoff around the corner from me.
  13. Thanks @Gelo I see they do have them listed @ R6 each.
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