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  1. Actually it's a pretty ballpark price if you ask me + a bit exclusivity premium. Take a Bluenova or Freedomwon 16 or 15kWh battery at R125k-R130K, add a Victron MPII 5K for around R30k and all the surrounding bits and then it looks pretty competitive with the higher-end kit. If you substitute the batteries for Pylontechs you can save a few bucks But I could also be way wrong but that's how it looks to me. Edit: I think the lower-end market should'nt be concerned, the high-end got a new kid on the block to consider. I would consider it if I haven't gone Blue and White (FW).
  2. Excellent! The temperature reported on VRM, and on the VenusGX remote console for the Multi, is now the correct value and the voltage has gone up to +- the value before you enabled DVCC. Is the configured temperature correction value in the Multi, for the charger, still used or is it a different internal value from the GX device?
  3. And here we go... dropping dropping and more dropping after the VE.Bus dongle is plugged back in. Temperature on the dongle is 28 degrees with the actual temperature being 20 degrees. See the drop reported by VRM portal.
  4. Thanks. I try to be n-1 with firmware, or until enough time has passed for me to see the open issues won't affect me. And Yes, that is the correct temperature, I will now go and plug the dongle back in and warm it up a bit to test but I am sure it will work. A note perhaps: Maybe the documentation could be a bit clearer when it comes to this dongle and other sources not being from a BMS.
  5. Try now. I removed it but didn't reboot.
  6. Forgive me for being a bit daft but I don't see that under System Setup.
  7. I Totally agree. Once I go LiFePO4 all these extras are coming off and then it will work as advertised, but unfortunately not as it stands today.
  8. Nope, here is the setup: No ESS, Quattro + Venus GX + Lead-Acid Battery + 1 wired temp sensor connected to Quattro + 1 wired temp sensor connected to Venus GX and then also try to add VE.Bus dongle. Dongle added with either Quattro Temps sensor alone or Venus Temps sensor alone, the VE.Bus dongle overrides either/both. Document states any other Temp source has priority and then lists "EG. CANbus" only but my gripe is with the first part stating 'any other source' has priority. I think the person that developed the Smart Dongle code only considered CANbus to be a priority instead of a
  9. Ok, so for anyone finding this post and have similar concerns. I did some tests and the VE.Bus Smart Dongle overrides both Quattro connected as well as GX connected temperature sensors. While the GX sensor was connected I held the Smart dongle in my hand to increase the temperature and the charge voltage started to drop even though it's confirmed by VictronConnect to be in 'Secondary Mode'. The documentation states that it should be the other way around, all other sensors should override the Smart dongle data. I've now removed this device from my system.
  10. Well, the datasheet doesn't specify a specific voltage for standby, it just gives a range. Yes it will work on 13.8V but the recommendation from Bluenova support suggested 14V. I also wanted to use 13.8V initially, and will probably do that in future because like you said, this is a standby battery after all. The downside is that I will never get a Low Batt warning on my system, it's calibrated for lead-acid but I can live with that. Edit: Here is a quote from Bluenova "The rated charge voltage for the mobile power series batteries are 14.2 V for the bulk charging and 13.7V for the float
  11. I concur with the previous post and would like to add one more thing. For the Bluenova I had a chat with a support guy and he says that the absolute minimum voltage for the internal BMS to start balancing cells is 13.7V. I replaced an alarm system battery with one of these and had to modify the charge circuit a bit to get it over 13.7V, I think it was initially 13.6V for the lead-acid batteries. While doing that I increased it to 14V just to be safe and that the internal BMS can happily balance the cells when needed.
  12. I've done that but they are not as helpful as this forum.
  13. I decided to add a VE.Bus Smart dongle to my Multi and suddenly my charge voltage just dropped. If I disconnect it it restores to normal. Any idea why this would happen? *I do have an existing wired sensor connected to the battery.
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