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  1. As far as I know that battery is not sold to public especially here in SA is your around SA those where special order for Telecoms like Vodacom MTN and so for network boosters I saw that battery on the list of the batteries which are being stolen from the booster on Carte Blanch not sure abt the spelling and also My Broadband I forgot the name of the article I will share the link if I managed to get it Do not buy these stolen batteries Staff Writer13 February 2020
  2. Good day my advise is to do 2 in series X3 strings reason being 3 in series its too closer to your MPPT Max I dont think its safe and total watts will be 1980W - 20% depends on your wiring you will probably get around 1500W on 6 panels, secondly on the load depends how big is your load but ones everything is connected you should be able to see if 6 panels are good for your load or not and you can add another string. I forgot your last question on the best results in terms of 2 or 3 in series that's not really matters because your total watts will be the same weather 2/3 in series on what
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