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  1. No, not in this Box , but from main DB (it's earth leakage that actually trips), i have 2 DBs , one for essential and the other for non essential, they DON'T share any neutrals Bronco
  2. hi jaco it works 99% The only problem is when i try to bypass the inverter using the position II on the changeover (labelled BYPASS on the pictures that i attached) the mains trips. any idea why? BroncO
  3. thank you very much Jaco
  4. morning anyone with a knowledge of how to wire this with the inverter. my electrcian not familiar with solar energy. i bought this with Mecer 5kw plus and 5000w of panels, battery fuse and ICC. Everything working except this is not yet connected. any ideas or drawings to help me
  5. hi please forgive my stupidity when it comes to this topic of solar systems, but i need advice in terms of the charging current that i must use for 5 pylontech us3000 batteries. the initial setting is at 25A, should i increase this to 100A (25x 5)? or should i leave it at 25? regards BronCo
  6. jaco do u have 410w canadians? and do u do mpumalanga
  7. I am looking for 2 x US3000 batteries. I am in mpumalanga - so you must have legal means to ship. Regards Bronco 066 333 0000 (whatsapp only)
  8. hi i got an offer for batteries from "brainwise -private tutors" . they claim to be sellling pylontech batteries. i just wanna know if they are for real or a scam. how can i verify?
  9. hi i am also new here and have an infinisolar 5kw inverter, supported by 5000w energy from panels and 9.6kw pylontech modules. i have an uncapped LTE internet and wondering how can i monitor the status of my system online? is there a specific app? is there something that i must install? please assist. regards BronCo
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