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  1. I am doing business with them since January 2020 and I am very pleased. They moved mountains to supply me with batteries and inverters just before the national lockdown. My evaluation of a business is not on their size but the effort to the customer. Just for information I required 5 inverters and 24 200A batteries when most suppliers reported out of stock and they manage to supply me at prises well below the norm.
  2. Ok batteries are Allgrand 200A GEL and brand new. Thanks for the response will change the settings.
  3. I am sure this group of experienced people will have an explanation on the below. On the Synapse 5K inverter the battery shows full on the bar indicator as well as on the battery voltage. The moment the PV and mains are switch off and inverter feed from the batteries the bar indicator drops to 50% but the battery voltage reads 52.4V which equates to 100% SOC. If load is increased to 3.5kW the low battery voltage alarm comes on but the voltage reads above 49V. Comments or advise please and if anybody have details on Synapse technical support please share. I am very pleased with Growatt on there technical support and Mahone move the world once you have him on Skype.
  4. Thank you valuable information because my worry was the small margin before exceeding the MPPT max limits
  5. I would like some advise on how to connect the PV string to the MPPT of the inverter. The manual specification is 60 to 115Vdc for the PV array range and 145Vdc for PV array max Voc. The PV pannels I want to use is 330W with Voc 47V and Vmp 37.5V per panel. I want to get the best possible power output from the inverter for charging as well as supplying load. Would 2 x pannels in series or 3 x pannels in series produce the best results. I plan to start with 6 panels and expand with time
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