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  1. Hi do you still have HA02 balancers available?


  2. More than welcome to take two units.
  3. Jackie, Six unts to handle six 48v packs.
  4. I have 6 x HA02 units available R2000.00 for all.
  5. I am looking for a 2nd hand Victron 150/85 MPPT with still some warranty left.
  6. I would not daisy chain the earth wires like that.
  7. I installed a 48v unit on my swimming pool pump (1.1kw) outlet as a test and it balanced out the pump usage with a little bit spare.
  8. Stay away from grid tie at this stage if you have pre paid meter!
  9. It sounds maybe like a challenge but will you still think so when I send the family of people who died in ICU due to the fact that generators at hospitals run out of diesel and that nobody can deliver life supporting diesel because of everything you mentioned. The level of stress sky rocket because you can plan as much as you like but you can't prevent the inevitable from happening. Plonkster, there is a clear pattern in my opinion, every time eskom is running short of cash the loadshedding starts due to failing plants but the moment money lands loadshedding stops although it was impossible to
  10. It is just extortion on the highest level! Major repair issues but the moment the 11 billion loan cheque cleared the bank load-shedding taper off within days. This game they are playing to get higher tariffs to feed the over staffed monster will go too far and end up with a 2 week blackout.
  11. Tx Plonster, sneaked off and tried it. The moment I turn the ct around the epm does not see the ct anymore. These units seems to be of good quality but after sales service non existing. I am also unsure about the feedback setting, manual does not give values.
  12. Morning, Is there anybody out there that can give me guidance on the above-mentioned. The pre paid meter is running now double speed although I installed the Export power manager with CT installed.
  13. Morning, Does anyone maybe have a general setup checklist for the Solis 4.6 string inverter. Also for the Solis EPM unit. Regards Ronnie
  14. Ronnie_V

    Victron ESS

    Agree, we need a "boer manual" I can recommend going the ESS route.
  15. Ronnie_V

    Victron ESS

    All that I can add is that ESS does work, less stress on my batteries since ESS was installed and had no issues thus far. If I had to install it myself it would have taken forever to get it right. The info or manual is as clear as mud to me and I have a old school B Eng Sci . If it was not for this forum I would have still be struggling with my setup, TTT and Plonkster, you guys give so much info to other users. Keep it up! "Plonkster, jy is n blou yster!"
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