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  1. 1) Would this test be conducted with batteries Disconnect or with batteries ? 2) I'm current using ICC to monitor this should be enough for observation, right?
  2. May I propose that maybe Coulomb or anyone else that has the intricate knowledge of the Voltronic/Axpert draws up a small test case for the MK II so we can put this topic to rest. Early last year I fried my inverter while experimenting , my replacement unit was the MK II, so I have pretty much played by the book since then. Obviously nothing that might endanger the integrity of the system and nothing thing that will involve opening the until and measuring inside. I would be willing to conduct the test and provide feedback.
  3. 3) do you problematically check loadshedding or manually switch it off when you scheduled? A: I always want to start a loadshedding period at 100% SOC, in the afternoon the heatpump is at my set Temp (47degrees), because its on Backup, when we bath at night it will automatically startup to warm the water as we use, if I'm loadshedded this will not be ideal as I dont want to drain the battery too much since power never returns on scheduled times. However if I am scheduled overnight, I want to switch on the geyser at 04h00 for water to be hot enough for morning bath. I've had occasion wher
  4. It depends on your intended load usage and budget, you can get from R3k and all the way up. You need to compare not just the price but also the battery Life Cycles vs DoD. Anything with less than 500 @ 50% is a “cheapy” and will cost you more in a year or two that the saving you will make buying them (Remember eskom is projecting 18months of pain which means 3 years) Anything with 1000+ @ 50% DOD should last you a few year. Lookup up AllGrand looks promising and not badly prices at about R4400 a pop, if you have the bucks, OmniPower is a nice one too, I think they have 240AH variant
  5. Hi BoxFish, I recently built something for my old man is December using the Luminous 850VA Hybrid (can take solar panels if needed) and 1 x 120AH Omni Power Battery. Powers all house lights and TV/DSTV. Load is more less ~ 150W at most, but generally less. I am happy and my old man is happy, he has recently survived a 4 hour outage without issues (average loadshedding 2 Hrs). AVG DOD 26% Hooked up to DB for lights only with C/O switch. I needed an all-in-one hustle free small system for an old man and it does what I needed and more (Happy parent) See pictures LM
  6. Scrarfussi, Apart from the cost factor there are many other reason, most related to why Cell phone companies are struggling to get sites built as quick as they would want. 1) No one wants a tower next to their house or estate. now consider a tower and turbine combination. 2) Tower loading limitation (load of amount of installed equipment on tower vs structural design integrity), space requirement for standalone turbine, let alone the unknown regulatory framework for turbine in residential/urban areas. 3) Wing span consideration for a turbine size that would be required to carry
  7. Hi Durran, Please ensure the LIR1620 coin battery in the control panel is in good working order otherwise whenever you cut power to the heatpump unit, it loses the settings/time and you have to sett them manually. I have not played with the temperature sensor part but, I have hooked up my own SONOFF + RELAY circuit. I did this for the following reasons: 1) in order to be able to link it to my Wifi & Alexa. 2) Get more control times for ON/OFF setting instead of the default (1 ON and 1 OFF schedule) 3)so that I can remotely over internet switch off my geyser if I am
  8. Hi Coulomb, I will explore the impact of the recommended settings and do a bit more read up on Peukert value. Thank you for your advise.
  9. Thank you DeepBass 9 and Coulomb for you replies, Bellow is the spect for the MKS II Below is the setting where my charging setting are both set to 20A This is my BMV setting., I have not changed the Peukert setting and still on default values. I did change tail current from 4% to 2.3% which I picked up on some old thread in this forum. @Coulomb, if I understand you correctly, are you saying that the SOC changes that I am experiencing is not correct?
  10. Dear members, I can finally say I have progressed past the teething stages on solar conversion with the help of this forum and I have navigated all the difficult huddles of not understanding what I was buying and using installers that did not know what they were doing. I am at the point where I am comfortable with my system overall and can start to broaden my understanding of foreign concepts without trepidation. My current area of concern and inquiry is around the topic of Battery State of Charge. System details: 5KW MKS II Axpert (80A, 4500MPPT), 12 X Canedian Panels (9x330 +
  11. Hi Jacques, congrats on your new system and welcome to the sun junkies club. Can you send your inverter settings ? 1) Long press on the enter button on inverter panel, -> 00 and 3 letters eitheir Util, Sbu or Sol, 2) using the up or down buttons go through all your menu settings from the 00 above all the way to 30 or 31 and record all the value 3) Dont worry if some menu values are missing. When done press esc button. Lets take it from there..
  12. Rolo, Batteries in my view are the most delicate part of the system and require much more attention. Mistakes with batteries are generally irreversible and costly. 1) Yes cycling refers to exactly your understand. 2) As a general rule "not sure where's the rule book", you do not mix old and new batteries and therefore getting the right capacity from start is ideal. Only when you are ready to replace your old batteries, a few years down the line, should you be able to add without worries.
  13. Hi Rolo, I am currently running a 1100W pool pump between 5-7 hours, a 1170W Heat pump (plus all house small loads lights, tvs, Dstvs, alarm, wifi.....) using a 4000W inverter with 9 x 330W panels (Hybrid configuration) (8 x 12 V @ 110h batteries). I have reduced my utility daily utilization from 30-37 KWh to an average of between 12-14 KWh. I did not change my pool pump, I just changed the time when its running, the same with the heat pump. While my ultimate aim is to go with evacuated tubes, for now while I have the excess power from the panels it just made sense t
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