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  1. Hi Theo, can you confirm if solarman pro has real time data? It seems like solarman smart is not: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.igen.xiaomaizhidian&hl=en_ZA&gl=US&showAllReviews=true
  2. Slow intermittent data is not due to inverter, it's due to solarman monitoring device. There are other options that are real time up to the second, stores years of data on device and doesn't require internet to access it: https://solar-assistant.io
  3. Being able to export solar must be awesome. My PV is reduced during the day because I can't export and don't have load to use it, then my chart looks like this:
  4. If you have a battery comms cable from the Pi to the battery, then you can switch inverter mode based on the true SoC with software such as ICC or solar assistant. This page explains how it works: https://solar-assistant.io/help/power-management/axpert
  5. I don't see such a setting in the manual and also don't see it listed in solar assistant:
  6. Hi @Bloubul7, have you tried to read multiple SunSynk inverters that are connected in parallel via a single RS485 connection? Theoretically you should just be able to read the modbus address configured on each inverter, but I'm asking if you have tried it before.
  7. Check your RS232 console port. If it looks like a phone line you have an A or B. If it looks like a network port you have C.
  8. @Eddie R The problem that ICC hangs has been around for years as discussed in link below. The only solution I found was to use solar assistant instead of ICC. It's basically a drop in replacement for ICC, works with the inverters, batteries, cables, etc. but supports extra ones such as sunsynk, etc. https://solar-assistant.io/explore/axpert
  9. It's already supported by solar assistant. I know a few users that are using it with SunSynk and Deye inverters. I switched from ICC last year. https://solar-assistant.io/
  10. @R Cerva You can use solar assistant for Deye/SunSynk. As far as I know multisib doesn't support SunSynk. https://solar-assistant.io/
  11. @coulomb Is this the case? Is there no way to read MPPT2 of the inverters not connected directly via USB?
  12. Hi @cristimv It's possible to monitor the entire bank via a single cable into the master battery. I use solar assistant, what stats are you interested in monitoring? Then I can tell you if it's there or not. https://solar-assistant.io/
  13. The original question of this thread is basically: give me something similar to ICC for SunSynk. One potential solution is solar assistant which provides real time monitoring and remote access: https://solar-assistant.io/ This is the options listed under the inverter: If I select "Use inverter values" for the battery and don't have any PI to battery cable, it reads the SoC, volts, amps, watts and temperature from the inverter:
  14. I bought my Pylontechs due to the empiric evidence of this report a few years ago. Would love to see a South African battery dominate that report.
  15. @GMeiburg I doubt you will be able to read inverter values when you are plugged into the battery. Everyone here is reading via the inverter RS485 port, but according to the documentation you should be able to read the data from the Wifi/RS232 port. So you probably want one of these (there are cheaper options): https://www.takealot.com/ugreen-usb2-0-m-to-db9-rs232-2m-cab-bk/PLID40361956 Or is your inverter Wifi and RS485 port already occupied?
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