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  1. Cool, thanks. Was worried I did something wrong
  2. Almost finished with my setup, but straggling with communication. Used the cable provided Can to Can port but not getting any communication. Chamged the cable with a ethernet cable that I had laying around and it does communicate but the settings under battery setup shows 200ah and not 100ah. Anthing I can check?
  3. Thanks, will this be inside the geyeser?
  4. Morning I recently moved into a house with a heatpump, but something seems off. Heatpump will heat till set temperature of 55deg and then switch off, but as soon as the compressor stops the screen temperature drops from 55deg to 50deg. This will startup the unit again, as soon as the compressor start the temperature jumps to 55deg and switch off again. And repeat the process again. Is there something I can check or replace?
  5. This special still available? Buying a Sunsynk 5kv, will I need to buy extra cabling to get it to work? Is there any communication problems with the sunsynk?
  6. Thanks to everyone. Oom Chris on the forum give me a good price and is going to start with the following 1x 5kva Sunsynk 6 x 390w JA panels 2 x US2000 batteries
  7. The more I see these kind of graphs the more excited I get, I cat wait to start my build.
  8. Thanks JaseZa, you make a couple of good points. I replaced the stove with gas last week, so that will also help, only using the oven now and then. Going to buy an electricity usage meter and analyze my usage during the day, I think it will make the decision easier. Still little torn between the kodak and Sunsynk, sure kodak will be 100% for now but maybe the Sunsynk will be better for future upgrades. Appreciate the writeup.
  9. Wow, this sounds like the setup I need, does the Sunsynk feed back to the grid, like I said I dont want issues with my prepaid meter.
  10. Maybe I should stick to the 2 x US2000 that is in the kit and look to upgrade the inverter to a Sunsynk, have read allot of good things here. How many panels do you have currently?
  11. Thanks, the graph explains allot, I just moved into a house with a heat pump so still learning to get the best out of it, currently its running from 5am to 8am, I need to shower at 6am and the wife at 7am, then again 6pm to 8pm for the kids. Heating up quick but think in winter it will be a deferent story. Looking to get an electricity usage meter first to test current usage and then make my final decision.
  12. Thanks for the advice, that kit does comes with the US2000, but I thought I will pay little extra for the US3000C, also the kit only has 6 panels, thinking of adding 2 extra or just upgrade to higher watt panels. Still not sure about the inverter, did read about people that are happy with them and other with a lot of issues. Dont have time or patience for working around issues. Also my budget for the start is about 65k and trying not to go much higher.
  13. Thanks, think it will be the best to split the DB, with heat pump at an avg of 1.1KWh (does not indicate max load) can I keep it on as essential load, At the moment its runs 2 hours at night and 2 hours in the morning on/off.
  14. Thanks for your reply, So everything on the non-essential loads will only use grid even when grid and PV is available? Will use a certified electrician for wiring to get COC. Using Landis meter and if I go with the Kodak option apparently it can't back feed to grid.
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