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  1. Hi All I trust that you are all well. I have the following questions regarding the cable thickness and lugs size supported by the Axpert King 5Kva unit, the book is not clear in this regard. A] What is the maximum size of cable supported by the AC In connector block? B] What is the maximum size of cable supported by the AC Out connector block? C] According to the book the battery connections are made by lugs but they do not specify how thick the bolt is that is used to hold the lug in place, so I want to know how thick is the bolt that holds the lugs in place? D]
  2. Hi @TheRoDent if the supply from the utility is multi-phase and the multi-phase supply is broken down into single phase supplies then it is fine with only an earth leakage per phase, as long as the load is only a single phase load. If the load is a multi-phase load and the load has bare metal exposed where one might get an electric shock if there is an electric fault on the load then there must be a multi-phase earth leakage installed for the multi-phase load as well. Usually what they do in multi-phase installations is they split the incoming supply from the utility up with 5 bus-ba
  3. Hi Jatho I would only mount fans in the top of the cabinet sucking hot air out of the cabinet. On the inlet side I would put a filter to filter out dust. A fan which suck air out of an enclosed area is much more efficient than a fan which blows air over an object. The filter does not need to be a filter which is specially made for the purpose I would look at Fram or GUD air filter or pollen filters that you can buy @ a car spares shop. Fram and GUD have online catalogues available where you can search according to application and size. http://www.fram.co.za/index.php/filter-query or
  4. This is a nice setup @Hannes Bester, please advise where did you purchase the solar panels and do you have more info on the solar panels - a datasheet of the solar panels perhaps?
  5. Good afternoon Tsa As per SANS 10142:2006 the maximum allowable current for PVC insulated cables in a single phase installation when the cable is enclosed in conduit fixed to a wall or trunking fixed to a wall are as follows. For Multi-Phase the currents are lower. For GP cable - That is the individual Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Yellow and Green cables which are not bundled together with a second insulation over the individual cores and with 1 solid core or multiple thick strands 1.5 mm2: 17.5A, 2.5 mm2: 24A, 4.0 mm2: 32A, 6.0 mm2: 41A, 10.0 mm2: 57A, 16.0 mm2: 76A, 25.0 m
  6. Thanks for the feedback @Chris Louw I will pm you shortly.
  7. Hi All I trust that you are all well. I have the following questions regarding the Axpert King and Kodak King inverters. A] If I purchase the Kodak King inverters will I be able to use the Axpert parallel kit with the units or must I use a Kodak kit with the Kodak King inverters? B] What is the length of the Axpert parallel communication and the current sharing cables? C] Is there an easy way of solar panel grounding? Kind Regards GerhardK83
  8. That is a nice setup @jaqkar, please advise what is the Ah rating of the batteries?
  9. Wow what a nice setup that you have there @Trober I have the following questions A] Where did you purchase the inverters, solar panels and the batteries? B] What is your daily load on the inverters (if you are monitoring the daily load)? C] Does the inverters communicate with the batteries?
  10. Thanks @Jaco de Jongh, at this stage I am only doing research after the lock-down then I can start making decisions of how many of what to buy.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback and valuable information @Jaco de Jongh, @plonkster, @RikH, @Richard Mackay. @RikH Dankie vir die voorstel ek kan hulle ook seker kontak en vra of hulle nie na SA toe uitvoer nie, ek is seker hulle sal Afrikaans verstaan. Die grappie is ook uitstekend.
  12. Hi All I trust that you are all well. I have the following questions regarding solar panels: A] What commercial mounting system would be recommended for a corrugated roof or is it better to design and build your own mounting system? B] When the panels are to be installed on the northern slope of the corrugated roof and the inverters and batteries are to be installed on the southern side of the residence what protection does the cables from the PV panels require to be protected from the elements? C] Is there an advantage when the PV panels are installed with a space bet
  13. Thanks for the feedback @Halcyon, I will send you an e-mail in the next couple of minutes and then you can respond with the recommended suppliers/installers.
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