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  1. Hi 48v 8Kw Bought in July with invoices and guarantee from Bluenova Battery health at 99.8% (cycled about 15 times) Selling to get a bigger Bluenova Battery Any offers? (Please PM)
  2. "My electricity has gone up fron 0.12usd in 2018 to 13.5usd for 2019/20" See.ree.as? Eish. Zimbabwe is bad
  3. "Obviously going for a a full on system would cost a kidney and a lung" Nope! Both kidneys will unfortunately have to go if you want full on off grid
  4. Thank you for a clear simple explanation Jaco
  5. Didnt take much for the 3rd force counter revolutionary double agents to move this topic from badmouthing Eishkom to how God owns shares in Monsanto
  6. Merlin


    Hi All I have a few Royal 12v 105Ah "batteries" showing at 12.7volts or there about, at rest. Plug a lightbulb onto them and there is no amps after about 15 minutes. Im considering buying a battery desulfator (ctek vs optimate) Anybody with personal experiences to share? Are the batteries gone? Can they be revived? Which is a better desulfator etc Thx
  7. Awwwww Dave. Don't be like that. We all want to know the price
  8. Soon they will devise a way to charge us for the air we breathe.
  9. I am told by a few independent people that they have started to do this in the southern suburbs of joburg. At least 6 people that i know of have had visits from joburg water. The water meter is being installed at the point where your borehole pipe exits the ground and where the casing protrudes.
  10. Dear All, some time ago the Joburg municipality told people to put up signs saying they have boreholes. This is when there was water restrictions and people were watering their gardens and getting spied out to the municipality by their loving neighbors. I heard yesterday that Joburg water has now been going around to people who have a "zero" water bill because they use borehole water at their homes. Joburg water is now installing water meters on the borehole because they say that the title deeds of the house does not make the water your property (same as when you find minerals
  11. I recall reading somewhere that Eskom is the only business in the entire world that used its marketing budget to tell people NOT to use its product, during loadshedding
  12. Hi Anybody in the joburg area that would like to get rid of broken / cracked / damaged solar panels? Please PM me. Regards
  13. Hi, If you find any, I will take 4 - 6 panels. I have 20 SF165-S and need to fill the string. I contacted Sinetech where i purchased my panels and they advised that they wont be bringing any more in. I asked what happens with the guarantees that they have to carry on existing panels and was told that they swop out bad / hail damaged panels for poly panels of lesser Voc (Not fair!)
  14. Am i missing something here? There is a reply in 2017 saying that the batteries are sold
  15. Hi I highly recomend Mark. He worked on my solar two weeks ago and gave lots of valuable advice. Very professional and fair priced.
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