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  1. yes, thanks you very much, i will tackle both attempts, cause battery disconnected it is not reading anything, to my surprise i thought it will pick up once the utility is connected , but however i will have to make a plan to have atleast 43v connected on the battery side and see
  2. its a huawei esm 48-100A... if i disconnect the battery and try to switch it on,, it only blinks quickly and shut off... before it gives voltage out.
  3. i have a 48v lithium battery, so it will be difficult to get a charger for it,,, i will try to get just 12v batteries and make them 48v and see if it will pickup.
  4. battery is sitting at 43vdc,, shouldn't it pick up on the AC or PV,,,,, what did you do to yours to restore it?
  5. i thought as much,, am trying to open it maybe i will the clicking circuit
  6. after a very cold 2 days, the axpert inverter does not power up at all,,, even the PV in is 115vdc and also tried with the generator still the same, any idea what i could be, i only hear the clicking sound inside a very fast clicking like relay cliking
  7. they look so alike in such a way that am convinced its from ruixu. but the price on ruixu website seems to be more that what sunpays is asking, and is there anyone who used this battery, i want to know its real site performance
  8. thanks hey, will have to pay them a visit
  9. i dont know, ive taken a closer look i see no sticker under that. i dont have the battery with me i took the image from the website.
  10. hi has anyone used the sunpays 4.8kwh lithium battery with the axpert inverter, how is the performance and does it communicate with the bms ?
  11. hi, am planning to run the 0.75kw borehole pump on this system 5kva expert inverter 9*330w panels 1* 100ah lithium battery can this system be able to run that pump with no other loads on the system thanks
  12. where can one buy the same spec 330w canadians .
  13. i will have the string of 3 from the one with 32,2v and the other string of 3 from the one 37.7v then i will parallel them,. will i still loose more or in parallel it will add the currents.
  14. i have this two canadian panels,,,,, so one is written IEC1500V and UL 1000v and other one is IEC1000V and UL1000v volts, both are 330w can they be used together or not.
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