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  1. Hi Hoohloc, One of our technicians have responded to your ticket #280 at 13:43 today asking for your RIOT number so he can check. We are still waiting for you to response. Once we have it we can see what the problem is.
  2. Hi Community. For those with 8KW Sunsynk & Deye inverters you can now graph all data with your RIOT Cloudlink by simply plugging in a RJ45 cable into the RIOT MUL port and configuring the RIOT RS485 to Deye. Note that some older RIOT units might not support the graphing. Ensure you have version 3.0 of the firmware on your Cloudlink device. If you do not have this yet, you will have it by next week as we're slowly rolling this out over the next week to everyone. You will then automatically get a upgraded dashboard. Ensure you set the RIOT as per below if you have Verision 3.0. You can now remote console into your RIOT Cloudlink with the portal. We are still working on the 5KW Sunsynk graphing and remote control update. We're hoping to release that update soon.
  3. Hi Chris, Please email [email protected] for assistance on this.
  4. Hi IronEYE, Not sure on the CAN-bus protocol on the Axpert. Last time we investigated we believe it doesnt have a hardware CANbus chip. The axpert monitoring software will work fine, however you can use the RS232 port for the RIOT and connect the CANbus to the Hubble. It will give you 2-way comms and fix your SOC and report acurate DC voltages. The RIOT is optional. The RIOT gives the Axpert BMS interface and comms capability. We can't comment on the ICC compatability, however they do support the AM-2 model according to iccsoftware.co.za
  5. Hi Zimnismoboy34, At the time of publish it was relevant, however if Voltronic wants to continue with the protocol they are free to do it. We can't dictate to them, they could not provide us with the fixes required back then and we could not wait for months. We decided to move on with the protocol and impliment CANbus as it's a better protocol than modbus. Modbus is prone to interference and is not a error correcting protocol. We also have full control of our own protocol instead on waiting on a 3rd party. You're welcome to impliement the LIB protocol with them if you choose. All the best.
  6. Hi Powerforum Group, Herewith a short video of the new RIOT features coming in the next week. Remote Axpert control through the cloud. More features will be deployed soon. Next will be Sunsynk monitoring and control dashboard.
  7. Hi Keith, The Sunsynk does not give any info over CANbus for load, PV and voltages, so we had to move over to their rs232 port. We have completed implementing their serial RS232 protocol to monitor and remotely control the Sunsynk. Currently it is in beta testing still. You will receive a firmware over the air update in the next 4 weeks automatically. This will enable full sunsynk monitoring. If any issues please email [email protected]
  8. Hi Kellerza, There are no subscription fees. It's part of the device cost.
  9. Hi Saul, Thank you for the information and writeup. How are you measuring the battery? Are you measuring what the inverter gives you in output or you measuring what the battery gives you in KWh output? All inverters have an efficiency rating. Most of them now say "Maximum" efficiency, however on average they lose 10~15% in efficiency when converting DC to AC. I would suggest measuring direct from the BMS to see what the battery is pushing out. The only way is to plug in a RIOT Cloudlink. It will graph it direct to the cloud and samples every 10 seconds. Batteries design capacity is rated by what the battery can provide in kwh at their terminal output, not the inverter. Below is a RIOT directly connected to the BMS and a inverter direct and sampling both at the source for 100% accurate sampling. We can also remotely see each cell level voltage on the cloud for the Hubble and cell balancing drifts etc. You can see the RED line in the inverter data feeding power back into the grid.
  10. Hi Frans, Sorry to hear that, the RIOT just connects the the master battery and will see all the batteries in parallel. Should really not be hard to install. Herewith the manual. I will ask one of the techs from RIOT to give you a call and get it all connected. Please PM me your contact details. RIOT CloudLink Installation Manual 2_1_8.pdf
  11. Hi Nvw1104, You can download the latest manual here: https://www.hubblelithium.co.za/uploads/1/3/5/0/135079623/riot_cloudlink_installation_manual_2_1_8.pdf There is only 1 Serial port on the RIOT, so you can either plug into the X-100 Serial or the Inverter serial. I would suggest connect the inverter serial port and it will monitor the inverters and battery SOC through the inverter. The Cloudlink cannot do 2-way comms with the X-100. All the other models like the AM series can do 2-way comms through CANbus from the battery to the serial of the inverter. For more assistance please email [email protected] and they will be able to assit with setup on the portal and the hardware.
  12. Hi Coulomb, We dropped the LIB protocol as Axpert decided to drop the LIB protocol. From what we understand they are looking at CANbus. We are not sure when or if they will impliment CAN bus. However you can see on the Axpert MAX documentaiton they mention CANbus, but its not active yet. We decided to only support CAN bus ourselfes as modbus is too unstable. All our models now have CANbus and works with any CANbus inverter. The ICC still works with Hubble for Axpert.
  13. Hi Connect Systems, Yes. Victron will change the CCL & DCL to 200Amp when 2 batteries are connected. For every extra battery the CCL & DCL will increase by 100Amp. If you want to run the advanced Victron Extended Protocol Canbus and get advanced parameters, battery temperature and cell voltages from the battery then you can install a RIOT between the master battery and the Victron GX. The RIOT protocol encapsulates the Victron Extended Protocol. It is one of the 5 CANbus protocols that make up the complete RIOT Protocol. Below is a RIOT connected with a AM-2 and a Venus GX. You can see the extra details that Victron provides.
  14. Hi Jacques, You can connect the RIOT directly into your VMIII now and it will work. Do you have the RS232 to RJ45 connector? If not we can supply. You will also have 2 dashboards soon. One specifically for Inverter & Battery combined. Once you have it pluged directly into your inverter please let us know and we can check/update the graph. If you can please send the support request to [email protected] and the helpdesk technicians can resolve the issues.
  15. Hi Lewis, Master battery: PIN 1 - ON PIN 2 - OFF PIN 3 - OFF PIN 4 - OFF Slave A: PIN 1 - OFF PIN 2 - ON PIN 3 - OFF PIN 4 - OFF Use a normal cat5 / computer network cable and connect the right side RS485 (2x RS485 ports together) to the next battery pack. The CAN will double up on th AH charge/discharge and your battery AH will double up.
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