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  1. Hi Community, Seems the forum is decending into just degrading brands and negative commenting which is very unfortunate, as the powerforum is a great wealth of knowledge for power backup and solar enthusiasts. We're not dodging questions, we dont live on this forum, and we are not affiliated to powerforum. Seems if we dont answer questions immediately then there are negative views. We only check this forum once a week if that. If you have questions please contact us through our official channels or on our website contact form. For support and technical questions please contact us
  2. Hi P1000, Alot of questions. Im going to make it short. 1. I only know of 1 company in SA that makes their own BMS, we looked at this but it's just too expensive compared to industry leading imported and international certified BMS units. 2. No charge memory but if they drain flat they damaged. 3. Our BYD and CATL cells are rated 2.5C. You can discharge and charge them at 2.5C but their life goes down a bit and there is no need to have 250Amp drawn out of a 48V system usually. We can install a 2.5C BMS, but it will increase the cost of the battery way too high and will be
  3. Hi P1000, First of all interesting post. We have been following it and not commenting as to stay neutral. Regarding spares. - BMS: Our BMS units are manufactured in the East and they are double coated to prevent corrosion. The BMS have been approved for Telecomms and datacentres and has CE approval etc. We have 2 service centres, JHB and CT. We order a 5% spare holding over the required minimum for BMS units per container. We currently have local spares of BMS units in JHB & CT. To date we have not had a BMS fail. We have had LCD display issues on 2 batteries but we swap
  4. Hi Kill_switch, You dont require a RIOT to make the AM-2 work on the Sunsynk. The AM-2 has built in CANbus. You can use the RIOT for cloud monitoring in your case.
  5. Hi Jacques69, Please Pm me your serial number and your email address. We can set it up manually and provide the login.
  6. Hi Kill_switch, Good question. When we looked at the design with holes on top it created a problem for dust and particle, especially water incursion if there is a leak from a water pipe above the battery etc. The only heat being generated will be from the BMS charger which is situated at the bottom when charging at a high rate, however the temperature of this is neglegable. The BMS has temperature control and shutdown if the temperature gets too high or will start throttling the charge/discahrge back if above 65 degrees temperature. The internal prismatic cells we use generate almos
  7. Hi Community, We've had numerous requests from clients to send some photos of the new Wallmount to see what it looks like installed. Herewith some Eye Candy for you all.
  8. Hi Jason, Axpert MKSII, VMIII, KING and MAX integration is complete and is being beta tested currently. We expect to release the OTA firmware update to the stable branch in 2 weeks. Note that only the Hubble CANbus batteries is supported for Axpert integration at this point in time.
  9. Quick heads up to the community. We have completed full Phocos Axpert integration with the RIOT & Hubble Lithium batteries.
  10. Hello Community, The RIOT Cloudlink is causing a stir in the market currently and we were hoping to announce in the next month more about it, however we have been inundated with questions and we have been asked to release a sneak preview for discussion. WHAT IS RIOT RIOT Systems with Hubble Lithium have developed a A.I. comms device that enables the Hubble range of Lithium batteries to have full CAN Bus and Cloud monitoring capability. The RIOT device is an optional addon to the Hubble X and AM range of products and will allow your Hubble to integrate with
  11. Hi Andrew, You can email [email protected] and they can assist in the sale of the software or compelete unit and they will assist with the setup for you.
  12. Hi Andrew, I presume it's a MKS model. There is no software update required on these as they do not have a modbus port to integrate like the King, Max and VM3 models. You can set the settings manually on USER and then the battery will work. Program 29 cutoff should be set to 46V. If you require full integration then you can install a ICC raspbery pi with the Hubble ICC software on it. You then get full monitoring, integration and communication. Checkout www.iccsoftware.co.za if you require full communication.
  13. Hi Flipster, Yes only the Axpert only needs the update. The battery is ready with the software alread on it.
  14. Hi Ironeye, The patch cable is for interlinking more batteries. You need to make up a cable for the Axpert. Cable should be pin 1 to pin 3 and pin 2 to pin 5. Pin 1 and 2 side goes into the Hubble. Make sure you give the Hubble an address so the inverter can recognise the pack. If you only have 1 battery then set pin 1 up rest down to make it the master. All the best
  15. Hi Fault 69 under 02.49 has been changed to notification 69 and now won't flash red fault. It is just to let the user know the lithium pack is on 100 percent. The Lib protocol is very stable and the Hubble has certified integration with the Lib protocol. It will support up to 16 Hubble batteries with addresses set.
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