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  1. I started to use my shower water (stand inside 2 plastic buckets while showering) to flush the toilet. The row of buckets next to the toilet became boring, I then decided to build a stand above the cistern to gravity feed water into it. On the stand I put a 68L Rough Tote box with a drain pipe and installed a extra float valve in the cistern. A normal float valve didn't work in this application due to the height difference was only 1m. On the internet I found Brooks Valves makes a high flow low pressure valves for cattle troughs, installed that valve and now the cistern fills within 40sec. I n
  2. What about a small single phase variable speed drive? Then you can play around with the speed, one day at idle for zero waves and then the next day you can crank it up to practice swimming against the stream while staying in one spot or try to short board surfing. VSD's are not so expensive anymore, it might be an option?
  3. Thank you for all the replies and questions. I'll have to go to his farm and collect all the information requested and then I'll get back to you. Enjoy
  4. Hi all. Has anybody tested/tried to put put 2 pv panels at an angle (wide legged A) on a solar pump system? A friend and I have been deliberating this point for quite a while. His idea is that the pump will start earlier and stay on longer due to being angled more to the east and the west but during the middle of the day it will be a bit less efficient due to not being square to the sun. My idea is that the 2 panels flat will start a bit later and stop a bit earlier but at 12h00 it will make up for that loss. But now my son came up with another idea, use 3 panels in the form of a "bridge" with
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