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  1. Just to correct your statement that only certified installers will be able make changes to settings, that is no longer the case. Sunsynk has changed that so that owners may make changes and for the owner to authorise the installer to also do so. You may view one of their videos on Youtube where Keith confirmed this after having received many requests from owners. Regards, Rian
  2. Agree, get another technician to check it out. Regarding NRVs, do not use the spring valves, they only handle up to 60C after which the rubber washer start to warp. Install the swing valve at an angle, one without a washer as they can handle very high temps. Scroll down on this link to see an example http://www.tecron.co.za/?controller=pages&view=load&id=spares_parts_and_accessories. Also, if you install these with a ball valve on each side to close it off you can simply open the swing valve at the top and clean it out if dirty, close again and open ball valves for water to flow again. I did that, so whenever I notice syphoning possibly taking place I do a 5 min cleaning with no need to replace the valve. Very simple. Rian
  3. Eugene, Where did you apply?? I would also like to do so. Regards, Rian
  4. In Sunsynk's 2nd last update on the new dongle it was mentioned that only installers that would be able to make setting changes. People complained and in the last update about the new dingle Keith said they have changed their mind and will now allow owners to also make setting changes, with owners having to grant permission to installers. I think this is a great move, as you say, if I can be a cave man and make adjustment why am I not able to do so remotely as owner. Check the blog or on Youtube channel. Rian
  5. I also agree with Peter's suggestion, would make a great inverter a perfect inverter. The more flexibility the better. I for instance run a flat plate collector on my geyser with a Geyserwise Max installed. On the not so sunny days I would prefer to top up the geyser with grid and not use the batteries. Come on Sunsynk (Keith and co.) please give us that option. Rian
  6. Derrick, Did you put your Geyserwise on "Holiday" Mode when you left for Europe?? That is effectively its "off". That is what you are suppose to do if you have a Geyserwise Max installed. By the way, which model do you have installed? Rian
  7. Ian, Thank you very much. Very nice and neat setup. Regards, Rian
  8. Ian, Just one further question, I notice on your diagram that the Earth for the Earth Bond Relay says "DB Earth". So did you connect it back to the Main DB Earth?? Do you therefore not have a separate earth spike installed for the Relays' earth connection?? Regards, Rian
  9. @WernerH, I also have an Imeon with IMA Box. I currently have early version BlueNova batteries which do not support CAN with he Imeon. I do believe you need the IMA Box as the CAN port is located on the IMA Box. So the setup is you join the Imeon with the IMA Box and IMA Box connects with the batteries via CAN. The IMA box then runs your OS.ONE also. Regards, Rian
  10. Ian, Thank you very much for the reply. Doing my install soon exactly as per you diagram, got the relay for the bridge. Regards, Rian
  11. @PowerUser Looking at the diagram I think you are correct. So for the Sunsynk, ATS connects to the coil (A1 and A2) and Neutral and Earth you have to wire either 1 and 5 OR 4 and 8. Regards
  12. Thanks Tariq. I'll also be putting mine a small DB. Just got the relay. Regards
  13. @Tariq and @ianm I refer to Ianm's diagram and the following as per the Sunsynk Manual: Question to you guys, do you have the neutral bonding on your systems as per this diagram?? Per Ianm's diagram I do not notice that drawn in. And if you have the neutral bond, did you make the bond at the inverter or in the separate DB close to the Inverter (not the Main DB)??
  14. Hi Ianm, Have you installed your inverter?? I'm currently going through this planning phase. I have my 5kw Sunsynk and Hubble AM2 batteries. My wiring diagram is similar to yours. Just wanted to know if it all worked out well (if you installed). One question I still have, the Neutral Earth Bond Contactor, I see you have the Earth as going to the DB Earth, did that work fine. Also, is installing the Neutral Earth Bond Contactor a requirement in SA?? I notice @Leshen also always install these. Some advice on this would be welcome. Regards
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