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  1. Thanks for all the thoughts and opinions. @Chloe - I first noticed something about 2 or 3 days after installation, The 2 batteries were performing at about 70% of expected capacity. I informed my installer and in consultation with Hubble, he tried to balance the 2 batteries but concluded that the one battery was faulty and hence returned it. This is the one that they say might be the BMS - I will get some feedback tomorrow hopefully and let you all know how it goes. Since that one was removed, my remaining battery is running at about 86%-90% of expected capacity. One of the reasons
  2. Thanks. Useful to know - which leads me to conclude that either the Sunsynk/Solarman information is VERY inaccurate (although it seems accurate with the Pylontechs as per @Tariqand @Achmat - perhaps it doesn't communicate with Hubble well?) or that my brand new healthy battery is not so healthy ...
  3. @Achmat - I will check that tonight - I have done it on charging (and inverter and Solarman line up) but not on discharging.
  4. Thanks @leshen. I'll see what Hubble say this week. When you say no issues with other installations - does that mean you are seeing 0.55kwH per 10% SOC (per AM2) on these installations ?
  5. @leshen I am based in Cape Town. My installer is dealing with Hubble - we returned the battery last week - but their initial thought is that it is the BMS. They said they would swap it out for a new BMS this week and do some tests but can't replace the entire battery as they have no stock. Ideally, if it is faulty, I'd want a complete replacement, but have no idea when they will get stock. Do you think a new BMS is reasonable or would you wait for an entirely new one if it is not too long a wait? My installer granted me access to the plant via Business Solarman - so it appears as if I can
  6. Thanks @Achmat. Your looks spot on - so on a sample size of 2, your battery performance is looking true to label and mine is not! Will be interested to hear from others, especially Sunsynk/Hubble combos.
  7. Thanks Achmat. Below is a screen I use to measure it. "Total Discharging Energy" and "Total Charging Energy" under Device Data. These fields are cumulative so you need to calculate the difference. So, I have 2 snapshots below, one at 25% SOC and one earlier at 99% SOC. You'll see total charging energy hasn't changed over this period (there was no charging) but total discharging energy has changed by 3.6kwH. So, 3.6kwH were discharged for a 74% change in SOC. This is about 0.5kwH per 10% (a bit better than some of my other calcs, but the increments of measurement do affect the calc sligh
  8. I have a recently installed 8kw Sunsynk, 2 x Hubble AM2 batteries and 14 x 390W panels. Early on, I was a little bit concerned by the battery performance. When measuring the change in SOC vs the kwH discharged (from the Solarman app - I used the change in "Total Discharging Energy" to measure this and it was consistent with what I was seeing on the inverter panel), I was only getting an average of about 0.75kwH per 10% discharge (typically running SOC from 100% to 35%) . This implied a total capacity of 7.5kwH instead of the expected 11kwH. My installer, in consultation with Hubble, thoug
  9. Thanks. BTW, is that the Solarman app interface you're using to show the data?
  10. Thanks. Are you seeing any clipping of current if/when it exceeds 18A?
  11. Thanks guys. Yes, wattage is higher because of space issues. But I think the voltage is well within bounds. @Achmat, I see you have 2 x 11 panels(!) on one MPPT - not sure what panels you have but are you seeing any issues with either current or voltage?
  12. Thanks. Key specs are VoC 49.5V; Vmp 41.17V; Isc 10.3A; Imp 9.72A From a voltage point of view, between 4-9 panels on a string looks fine. My concern is on current - Imp x 2 will exceed 18A suggesting that the 2 strings in parallel would be problematic, but I don't know if practically speaking it really is.
  13. Hi Guys I would appreciate it if you could clarify something for me - looking at the 8kw Sunsynk with 14 x 400W panels. I have space on one portion of roof for 4 panels and another portion for 10 panels. I was thinking of putting the 4 panels on 1 MPPT and then splitting the 10 panels between the 2 inputs of the other MPPT. Now the spec says max current input is 18A+18A. Does that mean max per MPPT or max per input? I'm new to this stuff but if it is max per MPPT, I assume my proposal would not work as the amps on the 10 panel MPPT (split 5/5) would be above 18A? Any help would be m
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