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  1. Don't think this will work. How many Mppts do you have? What's the pv voltage range? If it's the normal 145vdc then you need sets of 2 to get the voltage right.
  2. Are you using the aux/gen port? Does it also go down when the grid goes down or can the Sunsynk provide the "grid" for the micro inverter?
  3. In Joburg. One has been sold so only one left
  4. Awesome service from the store.
  5. I've got solarman pro but haven't tried the rest yet I'm also keen to see feedback
  6. Loving my sunsynk 5.5 Silly question. How do I check the inverter software version's? To know if I must request an upgrade?
  7. I like the idea of a contactor that is automated to disconnect at sunset and when lightning is detected within a certain radius.
  8. Thx guys. I'll look into the mecer. Still need to get pics of the pump for more details... It's not at me it's at a family member.
  9. Thanks @Vassen I get 40.8v? Canadian_Solar-Datasheet-HiDM_CS1U-MS_EN.pdf
  10. Hmm I'm looking to move 4x Canadian Solars of 400w each to the east. Will that provide sufficient voltage for the Sunsynk 5.5? I don't really have space for a 5th panel on the east.
  11. Thx @Delta9 I will investigate the specs of the pump and then post some more details
  12. Dani


    I know. I did want to b sell two but if I can't sell two then maybe I'll try buy one and parallel for 3 phase. But happy to sell them
  13. So I've got an important dilemma. Currently using a 3 phase borehole pump but loving the rabbit hole that is solar power. Currently using an axpert. But moving to sunsynk. So the question is do I try source another 2x axpert and retain the 3 phase pump or buy a single phase pump and get the 8kw sunsynk (or perhaps try get away with the 5kw)?
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