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  1. Will do when i'm back home.
  2. Great table. Would be awesome to get accurate hubble data for 0.5c and add that to the table.
  3. Go to matrix buy a ethernet cable. Plug it in.
  4. Thx I'll keep an eye on it. Seems to be behaving now
  5. Following this convo. I must check my own stats for 10% usage
  6. Thx @Tariq dunno if other hubble users can comment. It's now at 46v and 60%?
  7. I've swapped the cable yesterday and it seems to be behaving
  8. Oops here is the right screen I hope.
  9. So it seemed to behave during the day so I left it but at night.... I will try swap the cat5e cable tomorrow? Here is the libms screen.
  10. So I left lead acid 2 months ago and got a hubble installed. Yesterday I noticed that the Sunsynk is showing an error code F58 bms communication fault. I can't find any further details on the web. Do I take it up with hubble? Sunsynk? Or the supplier?
  11. Thx Liceman. I cant find any documentation online with recommendation and results from different discharge rates.
  12. My hubble is installed and operating great. I've set the discharge and charge to max 50a will that extend the lifespan? Also what's the recommended % I should let the battery drop to on a daily basis? It's currently set at 35%.
  13. After a firmware update it seems to be fixed.
  14. Dani

    Sunsynk 8kW

    Im having a similar issue. It only supplies the grid side when 'limit to load is ticked'?? Wondering if this might be a faulty inverter? But I'm trying to rule ever out first.
  15. Thats the weird thing. the tick seems to be working in reverse??
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