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  1. The Sunsynk 5.5 also has 2 mppts. I moved to the sunsynk from axpert. The sunsyk is painless. The axpert can be made to work with effort. My 2c.
  2. Thx Liceman. I cant find any documentation online with recommendation and results from different discharge rates.
  3. My hubble is installed and operating great. I've set the discharge and charge to max 50a will that extend the lifespan? Also what's the recommended % I should let the battery drop to on a daily basis? It's currently set at 35%.
  4. After a firmware update it seems to be fixed.
  5. Dani

    Sunsynk 8kW

    Im having a similar issue. It only supplies the grid side when 'limit to load is ticked'?? Wondering if this might be a faulty inverter? But I'm trying to rule ever out first.
  6. Thats the weird thing. the tick seems to be working in reverse??
  7. No power goes to the grid side??
  8. When the settings changed to the "correct setting"
  9. Result it pushes to the grid side.
  10. Hi Wisemen of the Powerforum. Need help with with a Sunsynk 5.5 I have my own Sunsyk and am reasonably comfortable with the settings needed to utilize solar for the "grid side" however with a friends inverter the settings seem to be operating in reverse. When I tick "limit to load" then it pushes power to the grid side. when I untick "limit to load" then it pushes NO power to the grid side See the pictures below.
  11. Thanks Steve from the @Powerforum Store for the supply and @leshen for the install. Quick and neat. Now I wait for loadshedding
  12. @Boerseuncan you please clarify.
  13. Dani

    Sunsynk battery

    Not great at all.
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