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  1. Good day does anyone know how to disable the g shock on a averge battery and if the g shock does activate are h able to reset it. Worried about g shock not resetting and expensive paper weight as a result.
  2. Cash is a slight issue at the moment. It's a starting point will upgrade bits as time goes what I remove for the upgrade I will use for a aquaponic project on the cards.
  3. Good day I am a Google engineer and have and probably will continue to learn alot from Google. I am fortunate enough to have stumbled across this group of very helpful individuals. Thank you guys for taking the time to assist myself and others in this field. I appreciate it alot. Now the question that I have is has anyone here experimented with laptop salvaged lithium batteries and made a power wall with then I have been on you tube. I find this kinda of stuff every interesting as you could build a battery bank with alot of reserve. Please look for jehu Garcia on YouTube for reference.
  4. For me it's about keeping family happy and having power when the supplier is out we currently experiencing 18 hour outages here in zim and I am purchasing my first two 400w Canadian panels next week with a victron 100 35 charge controller this would be the initial setup to keep people happy. I would definitely like to go bigger on the solar and run more stuff in the future. For now it's about keeping the lights on and TVs. Its trivial but it's a big thing when you dont have power when u awake.
  5. Will do and will ask questions as I go. It's nice to have some advice on these things.
  6. They have and we been having 18 hour power outages here and i am looking at putting together a system over time. For the sanity of the family and myself we have to look at a decent system to tie us over till we either off the grid totally or fill the time when we have no power.
  7. Thanks for the information. The reason for the 5kw option is for the booster pump I use . I want to be able to run freezer fridge adsl and two TVs and approx 20 lights off it. And probably a few little gadgets the the motor is a 1/2 horse. I am actually situated in Zimbabwe and I dont think there will be a issue with the option of 5kw inverter being installed.
  8. Good day people. I am extremely new to the solar side of stuff and would like some clarification on a few concerns. Obviously going for a a full on system would cost a kidney and a lung. But I would.like to start small and build up the system to be a 5kw preferably a 24v system but if I have to have a 48v system then it is what it is. I am currently using a inverex 1200w 24v inverter and 2 x 12v 200ah gel batteries just to power a few things in the home I would like to install some panels to charge the current set up, but be able to use the the same solar panels for the final product. I am not sure how to spec the panels as the voltages vary please assist I am really confused on this


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