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  1. Hi silver, I went and bought a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse. I connected it to the raspberry pi and set the wifi up, from there I downloaded the vnc viewer and vnc connect on my mac, and set it up from there. But I must let you know it was a struggle, as I am by no means a fundi on these things. Regards
  2. Good day, what will be the ideal charging settings for 12 x 200ah lead acid batteries. Connected 4x in series and 3 banks in parallel. I have got 2x Axpert 5000 kva inverters in parallel. Regards
  3. Hi, can someone tell me how to get the Icc software monitor screen back, instead of pulling the plug that it can reload, .
  4. Thank you Meerkat, could you explain a little more on AP. I am going to see if I can get a monitor and a mouse and try to set it up, connected to the inverters and batteries.
  5. I did try with the wifi, but could not get it to work, I now got it connected with a ethernet network cable. I must just say, i am not really a very good with computers. I am morte a plug and play computer guy. I want to use the ICC software to monitor my solar system Thanks for responding to my question.
  6. I got a Macbook pro, and trying to set my Raspberry pi up. But the Macbook doesn’t pick the pi up. Is there someone that maybe know how to sort this problem out. Thanks
  7. Good day, I have a Macbook pro and bought a Raspberry pi with icc software. But I can’t get the Pi to connect to my Mac. Anybody with a similar problem?
  8. I just want to find out if this is the correct way to connect the Victron BMV 702, to check the soc at midpoint, I am at the point to connect the Raspberry Pi with the icc software. My battery setup is exactly as the attached diagram. Thanks in advance
  9. Thanx Coulomb, I placed the sketch with the BMV on the second post, it didn’t want load on the first question, files to large. But I really appreciate your advice and knowledge
  10. Here is a sketch with the BVM connections, is this correct for midpoint. thank you
  11. Hi, I just want to find out if I am on the right track by connecting my Raspberry Pi with icc software and a BVM 702 meter to measure soc on my battery bank. Is the B1 and B2 wire correct for midpoint measurement
  12. Hi, which system will be the best to buy from ICC for my solar system, keep in mind I have a Mac computer, I also assume the Pi4 without the pylontech cable might be the one. And how do I load the new firmware to my inverters. Thank you
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