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  1. @Wetkit Nice to see you again! Jay
  2. Hi there. I love solar assistant! Its my go to app. May I ask how you got all that battery info? I am also running a sunsynk with a AM2. I would love to see mine as well. Thanks in advanced. Jay
  3. Feel free to upload them here.
  4. Not a problem. I will ask Hubble to see this thread asap. Doing that now. Sincerely Jay
  5. To you to sir. Sincerely Jason
  6. https://powerforum.co.za/forum/56-industry-product-hypes-fads-rants/
  7. All fine. Keep me in the loop . Jay
  8. Thank you for the update. I have had a chat to the ceo of Hubble this evening and he has expressed the unforseen supply chain issues. Also affecting others . I can guarantee you will receive your units. Sincerely Jason
  9. Thanks so much @HubbleLithium. Jay
  10. @HubbleLithium could you please advise. Thank you. Jay
  11. Happy to do so . There was a large logistics chain back log on Hubble due to the popularity of the units. @Powerforum Store
  12. Hi Guys. If this is powerforum store I will jump on it right away. I know Hubble have delays and Steve is taking a break. Let me know how I can help. Sincerely Jason
  13. Thanks so much. This is exactly what the forum is for!
  14. Let me have a look at that for you Sincerely. Jason
  15. @Powerforum Store standing by to assist if needed.
  16. At your service. @Powerforum Store Sincerely Jason
  17. Hi All. Hope great. This looks interesting. Any info on this? http://www.fronius.com/en/solar-energy/installers-partners/technical-data/all-products/inverters/fronius-primo-gen24-plus/fronius-primo-gen24-3-0-plus Jay
  18. Dear @StepbyStep let me look into this with @Powerforum Store Sincerely Jason
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