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  1. Shall I find out the courier costs from CPT for you? Sincerely Jason
  2. Where you based? I have one to give away. Jay
  3. @Moderator2 Could you please take a look. Thanks very much
  4. https://powerforum.co.za/forum/56-industry-product-hypes-fads-rants/
  5. Sure not a problem. We have a scam and hypes thread. Shall I make it more visible? Sincerely Jay
  6. #Please use relevant template for your sale/wanted threads #Remove any part with a # tag in front before posting #For Sale Template Item: Age: Price: Payment Method Accepted: Warranty: Packaging: Condition: Location: Reason: Shipping: Collection: Link: #Wanted Template Item Wanted: Packaging Essential: Desired Age: Location: Willing to accept a shipped item: Ballpark/Budget Amount:
  7. Thanks Gents. I have found this: https://www.batterystuff.com/battery-restoration/24-volt/PP24L.html Your thoughts?
  8. Hi all. I hope well. I am assisting a chap that has 2V cells x 12 for 24V. They pretty old. Unfortunately he does not have the financial capacity to purchase a new bank I recommended a battery desulfator. As the units are fairly old. I have seen some videos on YouTube of a some battery desulfators are permanently hooked up to the battery bank and deliver the pulse x amount of times during the day or week. What can you gents recommended? Sincerely Jason
  9. Poodles are like angry rotweillers in a poodle body Jay
  10. Congrats @hoohloc - Well done again - Well deserved! Jay
  11. Thanks all we are all passionate about our gear. Healthy debate is more than welcome. Let's leave product bashing. Jay
  12. Hi guys there will be no banning at all. Pylontech,Hubble, BSL, Freedom Won are sold on the store. We are expanding these options tomorrow. Let's all find common ground and keep the forum welcoming to all. Sincerely Jay
  13. Hello All! If you have made a purchase from the Powerforum Store may ask you to please rate us on google reviews: HERE Your rating helps us tremendously. Sincerely Jason
  14. Congratulations to @hoohloc you have been randomly selected and the winner of a RIOT. Pdf attached. Well done!!! We will be having more give aways very soon! Please PM us your delivery details. Jay riot_cloudlink__a4_pamphlet_electronic_fa.pdf
  15. Steve at powerforum is a legend! If I may say ;))
  16. Hello All. To celebrate passing the 10k user mark we will be having a give away to the value of R4900 to a randomly selected active forum member. This will happen on Monday. Stay Tuned! Sincerely Jay
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