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Solar LED Give away!


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Okay Guys and Girls here we go:

Up for grabs is a Leadsun Solar LED Light, To the value of R4000 .Link: http://www.leadsun.com.au/products/livesun/livesun-gen-ii/

The Contest is as follows:

Post 1 picture of your power saving device. Be it an abstract picture of a solar panel with a cool reflection. Be It a battery bank shot taken from the bottom up. Be it a LED or CFL bulb abstract shot. Be it Energy Saving Bulbs, Gas Stoves.  No matter how big or small all are welcome. As long as it is sustainable energy.

We will be looking for abstract and beauty. The photo must be taken by you :>

Winners Decided End of this month.

(1 image per member to be uploaded on this thread)

Good Luck!




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We have decided on solarwind as the winner, we feel his setup is in need of some goodies and will be sending you a leadsun solar LED to the value of R4000 on the house, I will make contact in the week for delivery, Your kit is also home made, this takes the prize.

Thank you too all.



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I have to brag, even though I have to wait a while before I can install the LEADSUN SOLAR LED LIGHT!

This product is even of higher quality than I expected and I am very chuffed with it! Thank you Jason, also for the professional way delivery was done!

For now, here are some pictures after receiving my prize. 



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On 3/19/2016 at 10:47 AM, Energy said:

Its a great Pleasure. You have to send us pictures of it in action! :)

Hi Jason,

Eventually my son put up the solar LED light at his place, but he still needs to trim the top of the mast so that there is no shading on the pv panel! Will report back soon!


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