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  1. Highs for the day so far 15.64 18.09 20.01 We are going to feel it next month
  2. Is it really cheaper when you add the costs of all the extra cables? Also does it not need it's own coms cable too?(Can't remember if these also work with the CAT5/CAT6 cables)
  3. viper_za

    Here is the Truth about Solar

    Think he might have meant capable of
  4. viper_za

    Crit my idea ... pull it to pieces, I can take it.

    Another interesting read http://www.ee.co.za/article/does-type-testing-alone-ensure-product-compliance.html "It should also be noted that the SABS mark, which was previously generally accepted as proof of compliance, is no longer recognised as such under the new NRCS regulations. The adoption of the type-test report plus the LoA as the only acceptable proof of product compliance has severely impacted the number of SABS mark holders."
  5. viper_za

    Crit my idea ... pull it to pieces, I can take it.

    Also the other 90-95% of equipment on the list, just showing you how ridiculous it actually is....
  6. viper_za

    Crit my idea ... pull it to pieces, I can take it.

    Just 1 up above the 4kw
  7. viper_za

    Crit my idea ... pull it to pieces, I can take it.

    That one is on the list still...
  8. viper_za

    Crit my idea ... pull it to pieces, I can take it.

    or 2 of them
  9. Yup and that is what p!$$es me off I'm more talking about the guys that had to pay fines for having the meters tampered with not the one doing the tampering. Rules are only being applied selectively, like lots of other things that I should not even mention.
  10. If you can show me that it's enforced in those other "problem areas" I might just cool down on this a little
  11. All good yes, but why is penalties only enforced for certain people. What about all the connections that they disconnect in Soweto that is done in the open not even hidden. You can trace all the connections right down to the shack... How many of those have been fined like these farm owners that had it hidden. I'm thinking that not even one of them have had to pay anything even after having the illegal connection disconnected multiple times.
  12. They do have this unit http://www.ginlong.com/en/Energy_Storage.html Just not sure if it's here in SA yet
  13. Something else to maybe start worrying about is what my company is now being asked to look into. We work with couple of electricity suppliers data and the request we got last week is to build a system to see how many units of the prepaid meter get's carried over to the next month and with it for how many months it carries over in total before getting used. This to me looks like they trying to close another loophole of buying the cheapest units even if you don't use them to carry over. @plonkster I know you are also one taking advantage of this and so am I, on solar it just makes sense to have the cheap power when needed. Let me head home, enjoy the weekend guys
  14. This is what is left and to come as Chris said This I suspect is going to follow the same route as the firearms that's already been declared as breaking the law with your firearms that's got expired licenses. Yet this decision to hand in has been placed on hold because of court cases last month. I'll personally wait for this to happen because as @plonkster mentioned with the state of municipalities it might take years. Gun owners got that leg to stand on years later Worst case with this is just make half your house off grid until they are sure about what they really wanted.
  15. @The Terrible Triplett Well been trying to stop from replying to this thread for the last couple of weeks (You can blame the idiot taxi for finally assisting in pushing me over the edge in keeping back here) Sorry but your way of thinking is what makes things like e-toll possible in this country. (I'll gladly send you my bills since you are so willing to support this, they are in the region of 40-45k last time I looked) You have been trying to scare of people for the last couple of weeks from using an Axpert (we all know how you feel about them) If it's outright stupid, like with e-toll. I will not support it or fight it till it can't happen anymore. The same situation is happening with the firearms at this moment where people were once again told to hand in firearms with expired licenses. Now we have court cases etc that's been going on for a few years now even after they made it law. As it stand now you might be able to renew that license after all. Unless you already handed it in because of fear... Back to solar. Good thing no list or anything like that exists in the other provinces. (That I have seen or heard of) Even if they do decide on brining "The list" to the others, we should expect the same number of years for it to become law then too, right? (Can't remember how many years you said) Will fight this as much as I'm fighting the e-toll and firearms "fear" tactics being used against us already.


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