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  1. I need to prevent my 2 x 5.5kw Sunsynks from tripping my ecolec prepaid. Any advice?
  2. Thanks! The trees on the NE side is mine and yes, I suppose we can trim them but the trees on the W side is in the neighbor's yard and just behind that tree is another palm tree so I doubt whether we would be able to gain anything from trimming them. As for the meter... well our municipality is in the dumps so getting anything out of them would be close to a miracle!
  3. Question regarding firmware : Protocol Ver : V0.2.0.1 Control Soft. Ver : V2.1.3.8 Somms. CPU Ver : VE.4.1.3 Would this be the latest?
  4. Cool thread guys! Seems to me I'll have to start automating! Lol!
  5. Thanks @Vassen Just saw https://pro.solarman.cn/ on another thread and it does seem to give some decent info. Will check it throughout tomorrow as my system is off now.
  6. So I'm a data freak and just love all the info my buddy gets with his Victron system. It seem Solar-Man is the app to use, but which variant? I have used about three but they seem to offer different readings? Maybe it's due to the very long refresh time on these inverters? Can the refresh time be set? Is there a desktop version available to monitor the system? And lastly, taking the system into account, is there any specific settings that need to be set for the system to work precisely as needed?
  7. So it seems not all houses are built facing North (or at least that was wat I hoped for). 1st pic taken @ 15:00 last pic taken @ 18:00. MPPT1 on INV 1 - 6 x 455W Panels Facing E-SE Suprisingly getting a lot of sun and producing around 2.5kW from the estimated 2.7kW Sun hours from 09:00 - 17:00 MPPT2 on INV 1 - 8 x 455W Panels Facing dead NE Data to be captured MPPT1 on INV 2 - 7 x 455W Panels Facing dead NE Data to be captured MPPT2 on Inv 2 - 6 x 455W Panels Facing N-NW (to be installed on Monday) Data to be captured The yellow line shows more or less the trajectory of the sun currently. This picture was taken around 18:00. By 17:00 all panels will still be in full sunlight. I know it seems like a mess but I think it might give me a fairly linear solar yield curve from early to late. I don't have many other choices with huge tress on the NE side prohibiting a lower row of panels and VERY tall trees on the West side blocking sun from around 17:30 on the SW part of the N-NW facing roof. What about adding another set with an aditional MPPT to the orange block (basically facing south) but grabbing sun all day till almost 18:30 ish... ? Next up.... Monitoring
  8. So, after many many many discussions (both privately and on this forum) and mining so many people's minds, I decided to pull the trigger on the following system : 2 x Sunsynk 5.5kW 27 x JA 455W 2 x Bull 6.4kWh Initially I opted for the 8kW Sunsynk but my house has a weird Northern alignment (I'll explain later) and adding a decent extra MPPT justified the extra cost to swop the 8kW for 2 x 5.5kW and score the two additional MPPT's as well as the extra 3kW on the inverter side. The whole house is connected to the pair of inverters. My peaks on Eskom was around 9kw so I shouldn't run into any issues or have to adapt too much (I hope lol). Recently my 5.5kw Heatpump gave in and I decided to replace with a 200lt regular geyser (for now). Hopefully the Heatpump can be saved to help lighten the load that is currently caused by the monster geyser. I am already running a small gas geyser in the kitchen as well as a gas stove and mostly energy efficient appliances as well as LED lighting throughout the house. Some issues I have : Apparently if you put two inverters in parallel the gen input becomes null and void? Can anyone confirm? If 1. is proved positive, then I need to connect my Gen to the input side of the inverters in order to supply and or charge in case of emergency (Eskom failure and no Solar available). Can I use a change over switch to select between Eskom/Generator on the input side (feed) of the inverter? My wonderful Ecolec 570 pre-paid keeps tripping. As far as I can gather there is no workaround for this as they weren't designed with feedback in mind. What is my options here? Is there an alternative meter available? Next...... Panel layout challenges
  9. Could you elaborate on the smart thermostats?
  10. So you are going geyserwise with 3 or 4 panels as a stand alone system for the geyser?
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