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  1. Are any of these still for sale Chris?
  2. This new addition looks great as well! https://www.victronenergy.com/panel-systems-remote-monitoring/cerbo-gx Got everything!
  3. Hi Jaco Yes it is... DM me please Regards Mark
  4. Hi Rob Any chance you can upload a link the the software? Thanks Mark
  5. I'll swop you a BlueSolar 150/35 ( you have 2x) for the MC... so you can do the test...
  6. Hi All I am keen to swop: Microcare 40A LCD MPPT for Victron 48V MPPT (for small backup string). MPPT in excellent condition. I may be able to add cash to the deal if needed. Regards Mark
  7. This worked brilliantly for me... extra space and old breakers on top level... I would do it like this again given budget constraints.
  8. Hi All I'm giving this a thread a "bump" so people are aware they can add a signature. It does make a huge difference when answering questions Thanks Mark
  9. Hi All Can anyone explain the Dry Contact Terminal, specifically the term MOS below... Thanks Mark
  10. What sort of price are we looking at for the 3 phase meter?
  11. Sadly this quote is the issue and is needed before all the other bits can be done.. ie. immediately! Highlighted in RED for Government attention "Revenue management through electricity price increases and better collection of arrear debt."
  12. Personally this site has been the most useful for me. Go to google and find the Latitude and Longitude of your location. You can then fiddle the angle to best suit your scenario or needs. https://www.pveducation.org/pvcdrom/properties-of-sunlight/solar-radiation-on-a-tilted-surface Bottom of the page is the utility!


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