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  1. Morning Kleva, What about also just running the pool pump, say 750 Watts motor. Can this not also save a few pennies in the medium term? What would the basic kit consist of?
  2. Hi Attie, What solar system do you have, panels or tubes? Are you storing the pre-heated water before the gas geyser? I note on your live view currently @12:11 Saturday afternoon with a cloudy sky, you are generating 27 degrees at the manifold but you show 21 degrees in the geyser, hence I'm asking about the storage. What are you running to present the live view, nice idea.
  3. Most gas geysers allow you to set the heat so that you don't have to add too much cold water, if any. However, if it is for the kitchen use you may need hotter water to wash dishes (to get rid of the fatty deposits)
  4. And he disconnects empty and reconnects the full one, besides having to schlep it over 40m behind the house
  5. I rather pay the R18.99 than try squeezing a 48KB into my boot ;-)
  6. Hi Jaco How much did it cost you? I get 48KG delivered for R910, (possibly went up last week) I use 1 every 6 weeks in winter for my Infiniti flueless space heater, very effective. Apparently a 10KW unit.
  7. Jason, I'm sure I say this on behalf of all, a big thank you for all your efforts. I for one have learnt quite a lot in the last few weeks being a member and appreciate the value powerforum is providing.
  8. Mmm... interesting, its a darkish area so that may also help, but how much heat can I expect...
  9. So I just couple + to + and - to -? Does the panel not short out (or drain when the sun is down) the battery? Found this on BOB https://www.bidorbuy.co.za/item/359107081/12V_4_5W_Portable_Solar_Panel_Power_Car_Boat_Battery_Charger_Backup_Outdoor.html
  10. local Solis supplier confirms no battery backup, wants to sell me Goodwe now ;-)
  11. I'm in contact with the local Solis supplier, I will ask. ps... that url failed, Bad Gateway
  12. Good morning all I have a bakkie I only use once a month and almost every time the battery is either flat or just about. I want to build (or buy) a small solar trickle charge that will keep the battery floating, any ideas?
  13. Gas geyser is ideal for the kitchen wash-up and guest bathroom, especially if these are located far from your main geyser.
  14. I have a space heater in the lounge and I use 48KG every 6 weeks and its only on at night from about 6:30 till 11.