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  1. Yes it resistive, already installed (actually it works great) and from Eskom
  2. That is the accumulated load for 4 rooms
  3. Good day all, Its been a long time since I last posted here. Hope everyone is well, under the circumstances here in SA. I seem to be exceeding my MAX load of 60A (13.8kW) lately, with the underfloor heating, late night geyser top up, kettle, etc. My under floor heating alone reaches 11kW, add the geyser top up and blink.... off goes my power for a few seconds and comes back on, but because my "intelligent" thermostats switch off automatically when the power goes off, the load is instantly reduced and the power comes back on. I'm wondering just how all these very larg
  4. this is true for a 5kW load, but if I just want to run the absolute basics with a 1200w system, no hair dryer or kettle loads, then a generator makes no sense. I have a gas stove, solar geyser with gas backup.
  5. Nope I never got to find the problem, it is so intermittent. In fact we have more load shedding incidents of late than rouge trips. Touch wood, It hasn't happened for a few months now.
  6. I fact I actually worked out that running a genny during load shedding to power the basics is by far more expensive than having a decent standby. Petrol (or diesel for the Hulux guys) is far more expensive to run the genny than the grid power needed to recharge the batteries of the standby. AND IT'S MUCH QUIETER! Although the initial cost may be more than a decent generator, you will breakeven sometime, especially with the guaranteed amount of load shedding events is SA.
  7. This morning at around 5am, my geyser was 35 degrees and so is my EV temp sensor, this is a clear indication my system must be siphoning... My Geyserwise switches on at 4:30 to increase temp to 35, should it not be already at 35, just to have a warm enough shower at least. Keep in mind I have 3 long haired lasses in the house.
  8. Has anyone got a perfect anti loop suggestion, i.e. a diagram of sorts, I suspect my loops are incorrect. Any other suggestions are welcome. I hate loosing my water temp to the elements, especially in winter.
  9. Its been a while now and I have had 2 flapper type 1 way valves fail on me, the latest only lasted a month...
  10. https://www.solarquotes.com.au/blog/solaredge-is-furious/?utm_campaign=sq_news_weekly&utm_content=190212+weekly+newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_source=getresponse
  11. and you post no pictures of your trip?
  12. http://www.702.co.za/articles/333840/nersa-public-hearings-start-today-eskom-wants-public-to-pay-15-more
  13. I like the way he prints his own box for the spotwelder... then he prints a neat welding rod holder.
  14. So if I have a "small" battery bank, it will work, and also when the SOC drops quicker, it will fall back to grid to supplement the inverter. Will it then charge the batteries again (is this set as a priority?) and when it reaches SOC+ it will revert to battery again when supplement is needed , and so the "loop" of this action? The risk however is that this could repeat a few times during the day and inevitably reduce the lifespan of the batteries because it is cycling too many times? It can also leave the batteries at low SOC if PV is ineffective or will it charger from grid to
  15. Easysolar will give me standby from PV (or battery when funds become available to buy some) during loadshedding ? draw from grid if load is greater than PV/battery? work without battery till funds become available to buy some?
  16. It even comes with circuit breakers
  17. I'm looking at primarily powering daytime loads, but with the benefit of having limited standby for powering lights, etc at night and possibly during load shedding. But then its efficiency versus costs for "2" systems and the additional space it will occupy, now as @PJJ stated, maybe the EasySolar is the way to go
  18. That would be the MPPT's (2 x 150/53) for the 2 x 2000w solar arrays?
  19. Please excuse my ignorance but why would I have a Multi and a ABB? Does this mean the Multi is not a "all in one"? Grid input Solar PV input Battery input/charger Load output - All loads and essential loads during power failure
  20. No battery input / charger?
  21. My father used to do that rather often... He would think nothing of grabbing both neutral and live wires, just after licking his fingers.
  22. OK, so now I'm thinking to go Victron MultiPlus II Inverter 48/3000. My thoughts are east/west array configuration, but what MPPT would be best so that I can maximum as much solar as possible for as long as possible. 2 x 150/35? My west "footprint is smaller than my east footprint, so I most likely will need to use my very big north facing roof
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