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  1. As a matter of fact the consultant at Herholdts was getting (wrong) advise from Voltronic. It looks like they are buying from Voltronic. I think the wrong advise referred to the Voltronic stock whereas the Herholdts stock still contains some older units. By the way - where is Axpert in that picture? Their internet site says that HQ is in Taiwan but manufacturing in China.
  2. Surprise, surprise! Today I got the new Synerji MKS 5K delivered - only 2 days after ordering it. I must praise that company Herholdts for its rapidity. My inspection results: According to the seal It left the factory on April 2019 one month before my first unit. 2. It runs firmware 74.40. There should be no compatibility problem. 3. It appears that these units are factory equipped with parallel board and cables. I suspected this as my first unit was delivered with parallel board. But I didn't want to take the risk and ordered the parallel kit in addition. It was delivered
  3. Today I got answer from supplier that they are compatible. I ordered it and will let you know how it does after installation.
  4. Thank you for your considerations. I'll wait for the information from the Supplier.
  5. I'm operating my system with a Synerji/Axpert MKS 5K (5kW, 74.40) inverter. So far it works fine. But with electric cooking the cook sometimes manages to overload the inverter. It then correctly switches to utility bypass. In order to prevent this I plan to parallel it with a second unit that would also serve as spare in case one unit fails. I made a submission on Internet with all the suppliers in SA. The only concrete offer comes from Herholds in Bloemfontein. But now they informed me that the new units on stock run a newer firmware without specifying it. I wonder if it would be compatible w
  6. I found a spare communication board from SetSolar: [email protected]
  7. Success ! The radio interference is gone. I improved the inductance and added some capacitors. In order to run several turns trough the ferrite core I went to the motor and transformer winding shop to get some 6mm² winding wire. But they don’t have such. We finally agreed on 2mm² wire that I would use in 3 wire bundles. I bought 10m of it (R40). I also went to the electronic shop to buy 4 0.33µF 310V capacitors (R40). I first thought to have one core for each polarity. But then I realized that the 30A PV current could saturate the core and reduce the inductance. So I decided t
  8. It seems to me to much search for complications. My concept is to be as much as possible off grid. So I wired everything to the Axpert MKS 5K hybrid inverter, including electric cooking and geyser. I must admit I underestimated max simultaneous power. The house lady managed some time to overload the inverter. But the Axpert takes care of all situations automatically if properly programmed. It switches to utility bypass at overload as well as at empty battery (47V) and switches back to normal after overload is gone. Charging priority is given to PV panels, utility charging only if at empty batt
  9. Tanks for your remarks. The difference comes from the fact that I relate to the Swiss standards where I graduated el eng. The SANS figures that you corrected to seem to me to high and not save (exept 10 mm² and 16 mm²).
  10. Thank you for your considerations. I already sought of that. I'll get me some suitable capacitors. The inverter seems not to bother since the interference disappears after sunset even with load on the inverter from battery.
  11. Thank you for your answer. Yes, interference is transmitted trough air and received by antennas far away from the system. The Axpert itself has a steel housing solidly earthed that constitutes a Faraday cage. I cannot intervene inside the cage between the MPPT and the inverter. Anyway the only power link between the two is the 48V power bar. However I consider to run some loops trough the ferrite core.
  12. Thank you for your advice. However it would be very difficult to completely rewire all PV panels. Besides it runs trough a living space where it would appear rather ugly. Actually it's in a 25x16 PVC trunking.
  13. My Axpert/Synerji MKS 5k system produces strong radio interferences on HF as well as on VHF. That bothers me since I'm a radio amateur. I attribute it to the MPPT since they disappear after sunset and come on again at sunrise. I tried to block them with a ferroid toroid core around the PV feeder wires but it doesn't help. Does anybody have a solution?
  14. Beat

    Axpert problem

    Where you are right you are right. That comes out when writing far from home in a foreign language. Who ever finds an error in my writing may keep it. Anything to the issue?
  15. Beat

    Axpert problem

    It is even worse. After the PV were cut off they remained disconnected until the next morning at sunrise. But I found the solution. I followed @Coulomb's recommendation in another thread to set 26 the bulk charging voltage to 52.2V and 27 floating voltage to 52.5V. I monitor the inverter thanks the remote control pane and the battery BMS with the RS232 cable on my laptop with PbmTools in my office. When coming up with the charge of a sunny day it slightly overshoots and then gradually comes down to 52.5V. It remains there by adjusting the PV input to what is needed for the actual load. B
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