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Tiny Off-Grid install

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Hi all,

New to the forum and wondering if anyone can give me any input.

A buddy of mine gave me some if his old, smaller victron equipment and I was thinking of using it to make a small off-grid connection in my house to basically run my internet, Laptop and TV. So it will be a completely independent of my municipal connection.

The equipment is as follows; 

Victron Blue Solar 100/50 Charge Controller

Victron Phoenix 800va inverter

2x Ritar 100ah batteries Sealed LA

2x 310 watt Solar panels.

My Laptop, internet, and TV combined is about 400watts draw in total so my thinking was to mount the 310 watt panels on the roof and have the Victron equipment and batteries hooked in a ventilated cupboard. DC breaker between the panels and charge controller, 50amp fuse between Charge Controller and batteries and an 80amp fuse between battery and inveter. I was thinking of having a small DB board with some breaker/s where I could run a cable through my ceiling and make a special UPS like plug port for my internet and  another through my ceiling to my office for the my laptop and internet. I am not sure if this is a ridiculous idea but open to suggestions.

I also have a couple of other issues that I was wondering if anyone could answer.

Firstly, earthing the equipment and suggestions on the best way to do that? Victron manual is vague with regards to the inveter but what about batteries and Panels?

Lastly, my house is west facing and all the slopes of the tiled roof are either east or west facing. I was thinking mounting the panels in the west facing, close to the pitch would be the best option.

This is more of a fun project, I am a light energy user and it's only really work and a bit of TV that really gets me with all the loadshedding. I will also chat to an electrician as well to get some guidance.




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